Want to Get Rid of Crooked Teeth? Here’s How

Millions of people around the globe have crooked teeth. Crooked teeth can make it hard for the affected person to clean gums and teeth correctly.

They can also make it hard to chew appropriately and strain the jaws, teeth, and muscles, which increases the risk of breaking one or more teeth. Most people with misaligned teeth also feel ashamed of their appearance, and this may affect their self-esteem.

You can get rid of the crooked teeth, but first, let us look at what causes crooked teeth.

Causes of crooked teeth

Several reasons cause teeth to grow in twisted, crooked, or overlapping. One is when a person’s mouth is too small for the teeth, which crowds the teeth, causing them to shift. In other cases, the lower and upper jaws are malformed or not of the same size.

This results in an overbite when the top law protrudes excessively or an underbite when the lower jaw sticks out forward, causing the lower teeth and jaw to stick out beyond the upper teeth.

Overbites, crooked teeth, and underbites can also be inherited traits. Other causes of misaligned teeth include early loss of teeth, gum disease, an improper fit of dental restorations like crowns and fillings, activities such as sucking a thumb or a pacifier beyond the age of 3 and tongue thrusting.

Straightening crooked teeth

Straightening crooked teeth is a personal decision. Some factors that keep people from straightening their misaligned teeth include lack of dental insurance or funds and health problems. If you feel that the crooked teeth are ruining your appearance, straightening them is the right decision.

You can achieve this goal by consulting with a dentist who offers general dentistry services. The dentist can perform a thorough oral exam to check your teeth and gums to determine the most effective option of straightening your crooked teeth.

The straightening process can take close to three years, depending on the problem’s intensity or the treatment options. There are different braces that you can use to straighten the crooked teeth, including:

Ceramic braces

These braces are made of transparent ceramic connected to wires that can also be transparent. The transparency ensures that the braces are less noticeable. The materials utilized in making the brackets are stainless and cannot break easily.

Metal braces

Metal braces are useful for persons with complex dental alignment problems. A dentist can use bands, flexible wire, and brackets to attach the metal braces to the teeth. The rubber bands have different colors for one to choose, depending on his or her preferences. In more complex cases, a dentist can recommend that users wear headgear during the night along with the braces.

Invisible braces

Invisible braces, as the name suggests, are almost invisible. The braces are recommended only for teenagers and adults. They are made of clear plastic aligners customized to fit your dental cavity. They fit like a mouth guard over each tooth. You can compare clear aligners and go over the pros of wearing them. Invisible braces are useful, and users are required to remove and replace them twice a month. However, they are not recommended for use in people with severely misaligned teeth.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are designed like the traditional metal braces. What makes lingual braces different from a traditional braces is that they attach to the backside of the teeth. Some people find it hard to get used to wearing these braces. They are also relatively expensive and not recommended for severely crooked or misaligned teeth and also take longer to align the crooked teeth.

Teeth-straightening surgery

Another way to straighten crooked teeth is by undergoing surgery. It offers a way to straighten teeth faster than wearing braces. Your orthodontist may recommend a minor surgical procedure meant to change the position of the gums and bones that help hold the teeth in place.

The professional may also recommend a more involved procedure meant to realign the jaw. This procedure is called orthognathic surgery, and an orthodontist can recommend it if your teeth have affected your ability to chew food or speak.

You can get rid of crooked teeth with the above braces to improve your smile. Teeth straightening surgery is also useful and takes less time compared to the braces. To determine the most effective way to straighten your teeth using braces or surgery, seek professional help from an orthodontist or a local certified dentist.