How Much Money Does A Cruise Casino Dealer Make?

One of the most important parts of a casino’s activity is the live casino dealer. The casino dealers have to be extremely professional and act without emotions or flaws, regardless of the situations they encounter at the table.

A live casino dealer will always wear a poker face and be able to make everyone feel comfortable, but with a perfect image of a true professional.

In this regard, they also have to know very well the rules of the games, so an essential part of this job is to know how to play in a casino. You can find all the rules in the best casino guides on the internet, but you should still know that the rules may differ from one casino to another.

One of the places you can encounter a live dealer is in a cruise casino. And this may be one of the best jobs in the world. While you make the games at the table, travel the world, and meet people, you also get paid for this.

From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean Sea, and from the coasts of the Pacific Ocean, to the rivers of Europe, a cruise ship sees it all. All the guests have to fully enjoy the trip, and the live dealer has an important role in this.

But which is exactly their role? Well, the most important is that a cruise casino dealer will have to explain the rules of the games to everyone who is new at the table. Also, the dealer has to make sure that all the participants play (and enjoy too) a fair game.

The dealer is also the one exchanging chips and tokens for money, making important announcements during the games, and informing the players about which proper conduct they need to have at the table.

A cruise casino dealer also has to be polite and friendly to the clients, and keep them entertained and maintain a positive gaming atmosphere. Like any other live dealer, the one in the cruise casino must also not be distracted and handle any stressful situation.

And how much does all this pay?

To cut it short, here is the average basic salary range: From 2,700 to $3,600 per month, depending on the cruise line and the size of the ship, among others. And let’s see what else does a casino cruise dealer receive.

Well, the contracts are given typically for six months, before a dealer may be considered for a permanent position. But even though such a permanent job doesn’t come, a cruise casino dealer gains a lot of experience this way.

This makes them suitable for other similar half-year jobs. The reason is that most part of the cruise companies outsource this service to a land-based casino.

During the months a dealer gets to spend on board, he or she gets also access to accommodation, as well as ship amenities like a gym, and excellent food. And, besides the basic salary, the dealer may receive also the commission based on the performance or tips from the guests.

There are other perks too of being a casino dealer on a cruise ship. The casino isn’t open 24 hours a day, so the dealer can enjoy plenty of rest. Then, when the ship is in port, the casino is closed. This means that dealers can visit new places like the tourists do.

In the end, this job is a rewarding one, not only financial, but also when it comes to the great experiences it offers. Also, it becomes a possibility for promotion to assistant casino position, or even to a casino manager role. A casino manager can win more than $4,000 per month, and a shipboard experience is preferred.