Benefits of the 2023 Year of Culture Initiative for Qatar and Indonesia

The long-standing relationship between Doha and Jakarta has greatly benefited both nations. It is a partnership that has yielded great results in infrastructure, research, and development. To appreciate and encourage this relationship, the Qataris designed the 2023 Year of Culture initiative in honor of Indonesia.

The 2023 edition, tagged the Qatar-Indonesia Year of Culture, appreciated the similarities and diversities in both nations’ cultures and traditions. The Year of Culture initiative is hosted annually in honor of Qatar’s long-standing friendship with other countries. Here are some benefits both Jakarta and Doha shared and enjoyed as a result of this year’s edition of the event.

Benefits of Qatar-Indonesia Year of Culture Initiative

The benefits of the Qatar-Indonesia Year of Culture across different sectors are listed below.

Trade and Commerce

Jakarta and Doha have enjoyed an excellent and profitable trading relationship in the last few years. This trade has been centered around selling energy products, metals, and construction materials. In 2019, it was estimated that the trading volume between the two nations exceeded a billion dollars, with oil and gas sales contributing the most.

The Year of Culture initiative is expected to change the dynamics of the trading relationship. It will most likely increase the cultural and creative trading relationship between the two countries, contributing significantly to their economies. The trade of music, artwork, movies, sculptures, artifacts, and paints is expected to rise due to this initiative.


The Year Of Culture Initiative has impacted the development of the Jakarta and Doha tourism sectors. It’s an event that has created an opportunity for citizens of both countries to travel and exchange cultural and traditional values. With tourism being one of the significant contributors to Indonesia’s economy, contributing over 8% of its GDP, events like this can attract more investment to the sector.

When it comes to investments, Qatar, through the Qatar Investment Authority, is planning to invest in the development of new tourist islands in Indonesia. This investment is estimated to be worth over $500 million and will highlight the shared cultural values of both nations.

However, It’s important to note that these investments will also have a rippling cultural effect on Qatar’s tourism industry. It will provide many curious Indonesians with activities to do in Qatar when they have the opportunity to visit.

International Partnership

The government of Jakarta and Doha are working on increasing their international partnerships, especially in education, sports, and defense. With Doha hosting the last edition of the men’s world cup tournament, the country has much to share and offer as Indonesia looks to host the tournament in the future.

In the area of education, the Year of Culture event presented an opportunity for the two countries to discuss building twin universities. This idea was initially proposed during the visit of the emir of Qatar to Indonesia back in 2017.

Bottom Line

The benefits of the Qatar-Indonesia Year of Culture initiative to both nations’ relationships are enormous. However, the initiative has helped to improve their trade relationship, international partnership, and tourism sectors.