How To Choose The Right Custom Night Guard For Grinding

Teeth grinding and clenching can also be referred to as bruxism. Most of you experience this annoying habit in a subconscious state during the night. Visiting your dentist can be the most appropriate way to understand the problem.

Your dentist will most probably recommend a night guard so that your teeth can give up this habit. While a nightguard is the only possible solution to grinding, getting a custom-made night guard will eventually be a more comfortable option for your teeth. Here’s how you can choose a custom night guard for grinding.

Material of the Night Guard

The comfort level and effectiveness of the custom night guard will depend on its material and relative thickness. Following are different types of nightguards.

• Soft Night Guard – This night guard is made of a rubber-like material called EVA, and the thickness is about 3 mm. This night guard gives a cushion effect to your mouth and works best for those with sensitive teeth or those with light grinding or clenching. Although the material is very comfortable, the durability of these is often doubted.

• Hard Night Guard – This is made of a hard acrylic material that is about 2 mm thick. It is mostly recommended for heavy grinders because the stiff material restricts the teeth towards grinding or clenching. This night guard may not be a very comfortable solution but is very durable and effective.

• Hybrid Night Guard – Hybrid night guards are mostly preferred by the grinders. The material of this one is a combination of hard and soft materials. The hard acrylic exterior acts as a barrier for grinding, and the inner EVA layer provides a cushion effect to teeth for utmost comfort. These are slightly flexible due to the hybrid material. It gives comfort, effectiveness, and durability.

• Retainer Night Guard – The retainer night guards are for ones who are looking to prevent teeth shifting along with grinding and clenching. The material of the retainers is made from co-polyester that is about 1.5 mm thick. They have replaced the need for braces used to maintain the perfect alignment for the perfect smile.

So, you can call them multipurpose night guards, too. These are a bit thinner than the hard night guards and thus provide more comfort.

Perfect Custom Fit

The night guard that you are using for your teeth should be of a specific fit. The generic mouth guard may feel a bit thick and heavy into the mouth and may keep falling off being loose.

Similarly, if the night guard is too tight, the teeth may feel fore clustered, and you might experience some sensitivity in this case. The wrong fit may also deform for teeth alignment eventually after long use. Thus, using a custom-made night guard should be a perfect fit.

Upper or Lower Custom Night Guard

Choosing between the upper and lower custom night guard will depend on certain factors. Moreover, they will rely on the personal preference of the user. If you go for either of the two options, grinding can be prevented. This is because the layer in between will prevent your teeth from doing so. Here are the factors that might help you in making your choice.

• Comfort – The choice of the custom night guard for the upper or lower teeth will depend primarily on the comfort level while using it. The more comfortable is your night guard, the more likely it is to inculcate it in your habits. Most people may feel the upper night guard is more comfortable than the lower one.

This is because your tongue is more freehold in this manner, and there may be less difficulty in speaking or eating. It is especially recommended for first-timers. However, the lower night guard might be better for wearing during the day because the upper night guard tends to be more visible than the lower night guard.

• Teeth Condition – The arrangement or condition of your teeth is called teeth dentition. You can get the night guard based upon the teeth alignment. You can go for a custom night guard for the crooked upper or lower set of teeth.

Type of Bruxism

The type of bruxism will also play a role in choosing the custom night guard for your teeth. Those who experience daytime bruxism can go for a thin and more comfortable night guard for comfort while speaking and sleeping. But, mild bruxism can be treated with hybrid night guards, and extreme bruxism can be treated with thick or hard night guards.

This dentist who does high-quality teeth whitening in Valencia CA also adds that if you have misaligned teeth, Invisalign can also be used as a nightguard.

So, going for a custom night guard for grinding can effectively prevent bruxism.