9 Awesome Custom Pet Gift Ideas For That Special Pet And Their Owner

It is estimated that there are around 85 million families in the US that have a pet. Dogs remain man’s best friend, but this is closely followed by the cat. So how do you find the perfect pet gift for the pet lover in your life?

Our love for pets has meant there are numerous items on the market. Read on as we discuss the best custom pet gifts that money can buy.

1. Pet Poo Composter

On the surface, you would assume dog poo was quite a useless item. However, with the increasing switch to greener lifestyles, it has become more desirable to make use of everything in the household. So how about a pet poo composter?

Pet waste composting needs to be done with a special composter that destroys harmful bacteria and pathogens. While the compost should still not be spread on non-edible plants, for anything else it is great. You can enrich your flower beds and make your yard look beautiful with organic compost from your pet’s poop!

2. Custom Pet Blanket

Everyone needs blankets, particularly pet owners. Nothing beats cuddling down with your favorite furred friend for a snuggle, wrapped in a warm, comforting wrap. In addition, many people need them for practical reasons such as covering furniture or wrapping animals after they have been outside.

These blankets feature awesome hand-painted artwork of the selected pet. This makes it one of the great pet owner gift ideas that will work for them and their animal. All you need is a picture of their animal and you can get a unique gift featuring a pop art style image.

You can click here to see the awesome designs available. Blankets are available showing the pet’s head or even its whole body.

3. Edible Treats

There are hundreds of edible pet treats on the market. Be it for budgies or border collies, you won’t fail to find something to give to a pet and its owner. The real trick is finding the right one.

One really nice idea is to go with something that is handmade or crafted. Homemade biscuits often allow a much healthier treat than the factory-made, shop-bought ones. However, even most pet stores have higher quality biscuits these days.

Can’t find anything you like? Then consider making your own. It is surprisingly easy and you can present them in attractive, crafty ways.

4. Pet Sponsorship

One of the best gifts for pet owners and animal lovers is a pet sponsorship. If they love animals, then it probably stands to reason that they would do anything to help unfortunate ones out. Though we may want to, it is not practical to have more pets than we already do and we can’t take on every underprivileged animal.

That is where sponsorship comes in. You choose the animal and pay for the sponsorship. In return, the pet owner of your choice will get regular updates on their progress.

Numerous shelters and charities do pet sponsorship. From cats and dogs homes to far-flung wildlife parks sponsoring lions and elephants, you can find all sorts of animals in need.

5. Pet Bed

While the person may already have a bed for their pet, you can never have enough. Pet beds wear down quickly and become tattered and unsightly. In addition, ones may be required in different areas such as the car or outdoors.

The beauty of a pet bed is that they come in a range of styles and price options. If you know the pet owner’s decor and interest, then you can theme it to this. You may be able to find something that suits the style of their home or even find fabrics that reflect their interests.

6. Pet Themed Wine Glass Set

It may not be a great one for the animal but one of the best custom pet gifts for owners is specially made wine glasses. These feature the image of the pet on the wine glass, often done in a particular art style. After a long day walking your pooch, they can be the ideal way to relax.

A really nice touch is to supply them with the wine itself. Pick a great bottle and let the pet owner in your life take some time to relax.

7. Quick Dry Towels

One of the most practical gifts for pet owners, particularly dog owners, is quick-drying towels. Also known as microfibre towels, they also pack away into small areas. This makes them excellent for stashing in a backpack or walking bag.

These towels dry ten-time quicker than standard towels. You can combine them in a pack with dry shampoo for when the doggie takes a dip on hot days.

8. A Pet Portrait

The beauty of a pet portrait is that you can give it to a pet owner, or even someone who has recently lost a pet. This gives them some comfort and immortalizes their animal. All you need is a great photo to supply the artist with.

Pet portraits are available in a range of different styles and types. Search online for particular artists, or on marketplaces like Etsy. You will be sure to find something that suits your needs and often at extremely reasonable prices.

9. Pet Toys

All pets love a new toy. Toys are important for the development of an animal, as it keeps them entertained and stimulated. Luckily, the list of available toys is extensive.

You can quiz the pet owner and see which toys their animal likes best. From here, a simple visit to the local pet store or look online will yield multiple results.

Custom Pet Gifts

Custom pet gifts are made by hand, and so may take some time. Make sure you look and order in advance. This ensures you are not disappointed.

If you enjoyed this article, we have many more to help. From gift ideas to food and drink, we can help your festive season go with a bang.