Top 5 Cutting Edge Fashion Trends To Follow In 2021

Fashion has always been used in visual content to depict the mood of the characters and the setting of the plot. It has been treated as synonymous to an era. As for the current times, fashion is equivalent to therapy for people who take it extremely seriously. It is about expressing your emotions, playing with colours and prints, to see what suits you best.

2020, the year of the pandemic, has been a game changer as far as fashion trends are concerned. Since the first wave of pandemic struck, people were forced to connect with each other online. With houses turning into round the clock abode of otherwise busy millennials, the trend of loungewear caught up.

What more? With all the creative juices flowing, the creators on social media initiated the trend of catfishing their wardrobe! A report also stated that the global fashion industry will reach a whopping $2.25 trillion by the year 2025.

All of this has been foundational while deciding which fashion trends will rule 2021, and here is a sneak peek for your personal style this year.

1. Midriff flossing

Midriff flossing is back and is here to stay. As the year 2021 catches up, your strappy little friends are all geared up to accentuate your waist alongside your style. With the likes of Dua Lipa and Zendaya owning the red carpet with their ‘flossed’ looks, the message is loud and clear for all the fashion enthusiasts- floss it up!

Flossing is a styling technique where you adorn your midriff with a pattern of stings in a criss-cross manner so that it resembles a dental floss. Invest in bralettes, pants, crop tops, and midi skirts with strings attached at their hem to create a criss-cross pattern.

2. Statement sleeves

Gone are the days when barely visible sleeves or basic sleeves made an impact. The year 2021 is going to see the rise of puffed up and ruffled sleeves or basically anything which immediately draws attention to your arms.

Of course, statement sleeves are not a new trend and have been a significant style statement during the Victorian era but this time, the fashion pundits have jazzed them up. Ruffles and sheer are among the most wanted categories of statement sleeves. Invest in knitwear and tops with defined sleeves from blue illusion.

You can even decorate your arms with some sequined cuffs and customized enamel pins. In fact, enamel pins can be used to jazz up any outfit or accessory. These pins can without much of a stretch be appended to your clothes, bags, or shoes. And when it comes to sleeves, they really can do wonders.

3. Sustainable fashion

Sustainability is the primary concern of most fashion enthusiasts all across the world. While not a fashion trend itself, sustainability is shaping up conversations in the fashion industry. Most fashion gurus have also endorsed in favour of clothing that does not harm the ecological balance.

Similarly, the rise of animal-friendly fashion choices has accentuated the demand for faux pas leather instead of genuine leather which is made out of the animal hide. Leather pants and leather jackets never fail to stay in the spotlight. You can also invest in a faux leather crop top, inspired by the retro era.

4. Neon colours

You know what they say- ‘all things bright are beautiful’! Neon colours have always been considered a bold fashion choice and if you are a neon lover, it’s time to hit the market for finding neon!

Add a pinch of neon or block two classic pop colours, it depends on you entirely. Take your fashion game a notch higher with bold neon and statement cut-outs. The brighter shades of green, pink, blue, and orange are not to be missed especially. Invest in a statement bag, neon tube lamp, a pair of trousers or a heavy jacket and own the room where you walk.

5. Loose fits

Do we dare talk against a fit that has been synonymous with 2020? With all the work from home activities, the connotations of fashion have changed for people and loose is the new sexy.

In fact, just to give you a heads up, skinny jeans are already out of trend and make you look older! With the trend of flared pants and loose fit trousers, the message is loud and clear. Apart from the classic palazzos, invest in bootcut jeans, flare jeans for women by Vibe Clothing Company, culottes, joggers, and chinos to keep your loungewear and workwear trendy and fashionable.

Long story short, fashion has no rules. The bottom line is always your discretion on clothes. With these trends on the uproar this year, unleash your creative juices and come up with your statement personal style.