7 Tips to Dab Cannabis Concentrates: A Safe Method

Dabbing can be a daunting task, but you can learn it in a few minutes. A dab rig or oil rig is famous for smoking cannabis concentrates. This apparatus is made of glass with a nail and a conventional bong.

The prominent materials for nail are quartz, glass, or titanium. Remember, the nail should be made of a durable substance to withstand high temperatures needed to vaporize marijuana concentrate.

You will need a dabber to put cannabis concentrate on a dab nail. This concentrate is heated with a butane torch so that users can inhale vapors through the mouthpiece of the dab rig. A dab rig must have the ability to bear 600 – 700 degrees Fahrenheit temperature to heat the marijuana concentrate. Nowadays, it is easy to find oil rigs for sale. Make sure to check their durability, dabber, and a nail to enjoy tasty vapors.

Oil rigs are available in different shapes and forms. Feel free to choose between ceramics and glass. Unlike a conventional pipe or bong, it is designed to create vapors of a concentrate. With a well-engineered oil rig, you can enjoy the maximum benefits of cannabis.

1. Tools for Dabbing

If you want to get the advantage of dabbing, you will need special tools. See the details of each tool for this process.

2. Cannabis Extract

You may get it in different forms for dabbing. Some common types are solventless extracts (rosin), CO2, and BHO. Avoid dabbing with alcohol-based extracts. If you doubt the safety of dabbing special oil, contact your budtender.

3. Water Pipe

Take out pieces of a glass bowl and replace them with your dabbing attachments. It will help you to turn a pipe into an oil rig.

4. Nail

A suitable nail is necessary to fit in the gauge of the water pipe. You may find some nails made of quartz or ceramic. Remember, titanium is a commonly used material.

5. Dome

You may need a hood made of glass to put around the nail. A dome-less nail may not need a globe, but this is necessary for a standard nail. It may help you to trap vapors before inhaling them.

6. Torch

Feel free to use a mini torch or a propane-fueled torch to heat nails. No doubt, flame-less methods are available for dabbing, but some people use a torch method because of a cheap option. Moreover, you will need a dabber made of ceramic, metal, or glass to apply a dab.

7. Oil for Dabbing

THC concentrations can be different in cannabis extracts. It will help you to understand the strength of oil for dabbing. Make sure to start small and gradually increase your dose. A low dose may be equal to a crumb. Dabbing may feel intense for beginners. It is possible to adjust its tolerance with time.

If you want to avoid complications, make sure to buy an oil rig from a reliable manufacturer. It will help you to prevent health issues because of low-quality material. Carefully follow instructions of the manufacturer for dabbing.

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