10 Must-haves To Decorate A Baby’s Room

Getting the right decor for your baby’s room is no easy feat. There seem to be too many items needed. Whether to have hangers for those cute girls dresses or trousers or to hang beautiful paintings to give the room vibrancy. While they all are welcome, some are necessities. Below are ten essentials from which you can supplement others to get the perfect decor for your baby’s room.

1. A Crib or Bassinet

Your baby’s nursery being where they sleep, makes a crib or bassinet an essential item to have in it. Depending on your preference, you will find cribs and bassinets in varying shapes and costs. Make sure the crib or bassinet is strong and of high quality.

2. Bedding

Comfort is important to the baby. When choosing bedding for your baby, little, cute blankets, pillows and sheets with beautiful patterns and colours may look appealing. Ensuring that the bedding is of the right quality and eco-friendly is imperative. Go for cotton bedding that allows breathability.

3. Changing Table

Having a changing table in the baby’s room will make your work a lot easier. It is a safe place on which to change your little one’s diapers impromptu. Some have shelves, in which, to store diapers, oil, and wipes essential for changing a baby’s diaper.

4. Comfortable Chair

While the nursery might be the baby’s, you will spend a lot of time in it. Having a comfortable seat for yourself is important. Your comfortability when breastfeeding or playing with the baby is assured. You could preferably use a rocking chair. Gentle rocking motion soothes a baby to sleep easily.

5. Storage

Storage is vital in a nursery. You need space for toys, bedding and clothes. It is important to be smart about storage. You could go for clothes hamper, for dirty and burp clothes. For toys use open storage and install shelves for blankets and other necessities. Use a closet for the cute girls’ dresses and other clothes.

6. Baby Monitor

Sleep does not come easy to new parents, especially if the kid is out of sight. Luckily, there are various methods of keeping tabs with the baby at all times wherever you are. Use a monitor that is both visual and audio enabled. You get to see and hear what the baby is doing all day long.

7. Mobile

Keeping the baby entertained can be draining. Use an interesting mobile over which your new arrival can coo over. Hanging it over the crib offers both visual and audio entertainment to kids. They are also a great way of soothing the little one into sleep.

8. Diaper Pail

Having a place to keep the used diapers before trash day is vital. You need to keep the room fresh. Use a diaper pail that is airtight to keep off the scent of soiled diapers. Most are designed with trap doors.

9. Blackout Curtains

Light can be detrimental to your baby’s sleep. For quality sleep, especially during the day, go for denser curtains. They block out excessive light, ensuring your little one has a peaceful, adequate sleep. Use interesting colours to give character to the room and ensure that they are childproof.

10. Nursery Rugs

The baby’s room is also its playground. Ensuring the surface on which they are playing is comfortable should be a priority. Use soft natural rugs made of wool or cotton for the baby’s comfort. Buy rugs with interesting patterns and colours for a jolly vibe.