Best Platforms For DeFi Coins Trading In 2021

Everybody who understands the cryptocurrency world at least a little bit knows what DeFi is. DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance. This is a part of the cryptocurrency market that is discussed very vividly today. DeFi is all about decentralized currencies, smart contracts, etc. DeFi functions on the Ethereum blockchain.

And, of course, the popularity of DeFi leads to the growth in popularity of DeFi coins. There are two ways to get profit on them:

  • To invest in coins and keep them in hope that their value will be growing;
  • To trade.

While everything is relatively easy with investment, the second option requires more attention and effort. Even if you know how to trade, you need a reliable platform to be sure that your money will not be stolen. Thus, what about checking the main platforms where you can trade DeFi coins?

Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era is a new automated trading platform. Despite the name, there, you can trade not only Bitcoins but all the popular cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Era offers the best prices in the market. Trading conditions are also among the most loyal among competitors. The success rate is 96%, and the trading speed is impressive.

Registering is easy. You just need to provide the requested data. Then, you deposit money, and that’s it. You can start earning.


This exchange platform works on the Ethereum network. Thus, this is a perfect option for DeFi coins trading. It doesn’t use order books. Instead, it uses liquidity pools to swap tokens.

You create a liquidity pool on Uniswap, and you can start trading! Initially, it might be unusual for those traders who are used to dealing with order books, but with time, you will see that everything is highly intuitive.


This is one more platform to exchange tokens on the Ethereum network. It has its own assets. One of them, MKR, cannot be mined and performs the role of a governance token. The other asset is the Maker stable coin called DAI.

Maker is the first successful finance app made on the Ethereum network.


Aave is a decentralized borrowing and lending platform on the Ethereum network. It is an open-source non-custodial project.

Lenders on Aave earn interests. On the platform, many assets can be used as collateral. All of them have their own interests and penalties for liquidation.

This platform is also famous for offering loans. This is a special loan type where all the operations, such as lending, borrowing, repayment, are processed within one transaction.

Aave has a user-friendly interface, which makes it possible even for beginners to use the platform. This platform works within a bounty program, and constant audits guarantee that everything there complies with the strictest requirements.

Curve Finance

Curve Finance was launched in 2020. It is a new exchange pool on the Ethereum network. This is a platform that offers users an opportunity to trade with minimum slippages, which means more chances to earn.

All the liquidity is distributed among seven pools. Pools mint their own tokens, which later can be exchanged for assets.

For now, this is one of the most promising platforms in the market.


DeFi is one of the most discussed trends today. As it frequently happens in the world of crypto, the more a specific phenomenon is spoken about, the faster its price will grow. Thus, don’t wait until DeFi coins become unaffordable for the majority of traders. Start trading with DeFi coins today on a reliable platform.