6 Great Destinations For A Gap Year

Most students who take a gap year do so after a long and arduous year in school. They take it as an opportunity to explore the world, gain new skills, make money, and sometimes decide what they want to do in college. Some people also take gap years between college years or after college and before starting to work.

Whatever the time or the reason you are here because you want to know some excellent gap year destinations. Here are six exceptional gap year destinations you can research.

1. New Zealand

There are several reasons why New Zealand is a great travel destination. They have fantastic food and wine, so if you are looking to delight your taste buds, this is a great place to be. For your viewing pleasure, you will love the scenery. Take photos of the mountains and the vistas and enjoy exploring a clean and green environment.

You will be surprised how much you can explore and do in such a small place. You will also enjoy interacting with New Zealanders who you will find out are friendly and passionate. Finally, their crime rate is low, so you can rest easy that you will be safe there.

2. France

Why not visit the city of love for your gap year. You will not be disappointed. First on the list of reasons to convince you it is a fantastic gap year destination is the food. Did you know that their food is so good that it earned a spot on the Intangible Cultural Heritage list compiled by UNESCO in 2010?

Next is the art. You can check out the artistic buildings in France like majestic castles or beautiful art pieces in museums like the Louvre. The landscape is also great and varied. You may have to learn some French to navigate France, but you have to admit that the language sounds really beautiful.

3. Canada

If you are thinking of visiting Canada, you should probably start by learning that it is the second-largest country after Russia. This means that you will have a lot of places to explore.

The scenery is excellent, and varying from great lakes to mountains to massive waterfalls (Niagara Falls), the scenery will not disappoint. The list of activities to do is endless. If you put visiting UNESCO’s World Heritage sites as the first things on your itinerary, you already have 20 items on your list.

There are also places like Quebec where you may need to know some French. You may get away with cursory knowledge, or you can take a quick language course before you leave your school for a gap year. If you are short on time because of your other assignments, you can buy an essay or any research papers from helpful writing services you find online.

4. USA

If you are not a US native (and even if you are), why not visit the majesty that is Uncle Sam. The US is a potpourri of iconic places and cities. Visit several big-name cities from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Chicago, and see what the fuss is all about.

The US is the home of 25 UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites that you can visit. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you could always decide to walk to Pacific Crest Trail. With 50 states, you will not run out of things to do.

5. Australia

Australia is a perfect gap year destination for first-time backpackers and tourists alike. The weather is fantastic, and you will have so many activities you could do, you will be spoiled for choice. The scenery has so much to offer, from human-made structures to majestic landscapes. You can get to meet fascinating flora and fauna.

For example, you could get to see the mighty kangaroos, feed pelicans, cuddle with koalas, or snorkel with the white sharks. Australia is also jam-packed with activities every tourist would enjoy, from learning to surf to camping under the stars, it has something to offer everyone.

6. Tanzania

Fancy a trip to Africa? Why not visit Tanzania. You will find many opportunities to explore and have fun. You could always start with Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa, standing slightly more than 19,000 feet high. The country has a vast landmass that is dedicated to natural parks. This means that you get an unparalleled view of wildlife when compared to most other places.

For those curious about archeology, you will be visiting the birthplace of man. The food is delicious, the beaches beautiful and the people friendly. You will not run out of things to do here.

This list is just touching the tip of the iceberg that is tourist destinations around the world for those taking gap years. There are a few things you should evaluate when picking a destination. For example, assess the area’s crime rate, the cost of living, and any interesting places. A gap year can be a magical year, and you could make many irreplaceable memories. If you find yourself stuck on what place to go, the pros and cons may prove invaluable.