7 Secret Tips To Develop Your Essay Writing Skills

Writing is a skill that needs to be refined with rigorous practice. Not everyone is a born writer and even if they are they need to work on it regularly or they will lose their touch.

Essay writing is something that we encounter a lot in educational institutions in the form of assignments or assessments. So, if you are good at it then it will help you in the future. In light of that, we would like to share these 7 tips which you can follow to improve your essay writing skills.

1. Be a Voracious Reader

If there was only one tip we could suggest to anyone looking to improve their writing, it is to read. Read a lot. Read like there’s no tomorrow. No one can be a good writer if they do not feel the need to read constantly.

This is a tip that is generic for ally toes of writers. If you are looking to improve your essay writing skills then read as many good examples of essays as you can. It will help you understand what works and what doesn’t.

When something is considered to be good it means that it is provoking a sensation in people better than other works. By reading we do not mean that you read leisurely. You have to actively analyze the essay you are reading while enjoying it. See how the essays start. Does it grab the attention of the reader from the first line itself?

If yes, then what are the elements being used. How does the essay remain interesting in the body section? How is the information being presented? If you have an essay to write on a topic then read successful essays that have been already written on the topic.

2. Write Frequently

One great thing about being a human is that the more you do a thing the better you get at it. Of course, you cannot be doing stuff randomly as your growth will be slow. You have to follow a certain set of guidelines and strategies to grow efficiently.

To become a better essay writer, you have to write more essays on multiple topics. You also have to write multiple essays on the same topic as well, trying a different approach each time. This will help you understand what works for you and also what works for that topic.

Writing frequently will help you reduce hiccups that arise as a result of thought blockage, inability to convey your ideas into words, lack of vocabulary, etc.

When you write frequently you will encounter these problems and will slowly learn to overcome them. It will also help you get used to writing. So, when you are actually asked to do it, it should not feel alien or uncomfortable.

Also, it will help you understand the structure of an essay. Every essay follows a structure and the more you write the better you get at identifying and refining it. It will help you be specific and to the point while being descriptive enough.

3. Increase Your Vocabulary

This is another tip that will go a long way. It is not going to just improve your essay writing skills but also your overall communication skills in general. It will help you shave words off your essay and thus, allow you to put in more information while staying well within the word limit. This is because you don’t have to describe everything if there is a word for it.

Many people struggle while writing essays because they do not know how to convert their ideas into words and this is partly because of the lack of vocabulary. But don’t just learn words, learn how to use them to get the most out of them. Learn some hard-hitting words which can evoke emotions in the reader if used right.

Use a thesaurus to become better at saying the same things differently. There are various ways to increase your vocabulary. One way is to schedule a time every day during which you will learn a couple of words and their usage. Another way is to read actively which we talked about before.

4. Proper Usage of Grammar

You need to be very vigilant with how you construct your sentences. Poor grammar is absolutely a ‘no-no’ when it comes to essay writing. Understand the rules of the language thoroughly so that you do not end up using the wrong grammar.

This includes compatibility of words i.e. which words go together and not messing up the tenses. If you want to write a hard-hitting essay you need to have good control on your sentence structures. Otherwise, readers will not be able to understand what you have written. Check Grammarhow.com for more information.

5. Learn A Variety of Topics

In this day and age, a gargantuan amount of information is available at your fingertips. So, use it wisely and learn as much as you can from a variety of topics. This can enrich your knowledge and give you more writing points while drafting your essay.

Another good thing about knowing a variety of topics is the amount of time you will need to research your essay will be less as you will already know where to look for the information you need. Knowing a variety of topics will help you pull in a lot of different ideas to approach this essay and will give it more depth.

6. Learn to Arrange Your Ideas

Your ideas need to be arranged in a logical order. The transitions should make sense. This is something you can learn by doing. The more essays you write the better you will get at arranging your ideas. But you need to ensure that you are careful about it while practicing. A simple way is to jot down the ideas that you are hoping to include in your essay.

Now, take this list and start arranging the ideas in a way that makes them more coherent. The transitions should make sense and the readers should be able to sort of follow a pathway while reading your essay.

7. Conclusion

A poorly written conclusion can destroy all your efforts and make your essay look flat. So, whenever you are about to finish your essay try to write an impressive and effective conclusion. A conclusion needs to summarize the entire essay while trying to stress on the final solution or opinion.

In most essays, you need to try and convince your readers that the solution or the opinion proposed is good.

Unless an essay really demands it, try not to have an ambiguous ending. Also, don’t rush to conclude your essay. Always leave sufficient amounts of words for the conclusion so that it can give a sense of completion to the reader. While practicing try to leave enough room for the conclusion. You can also get your essay written by experts through online essay writing websites such as ewritingservice.com.