Start Devoting More Quality Time Towards Your Relationship

If your partner’s love language is quality time then this article is what you want to read. The love language of quality time is giving someone your undivided attention. It’s what they need to feel in order to feel loved. It’s how they feel your presence and know that you want them in your life. In short, quality time is used as an emotional communicator of love.

Basically, it holds the concept of togetherness. Although, keep in mind that it doesn’t just mean proximity. It’s not just being together in the same room. You have to be doing something together.

Quality time is different from the love language, physical touch. Quality time involves a quality conversation with your partner. You can do this by sharing experiences, talking about your day, sharing your thoughts, talking about your feelings, your dreams, your desires in life in a friendly and uninterrupted manner.

Here are ways to make sure you’re spending quality time by having a meaningful or fun conversation with your partner.

1. Eye Contact: Make sure to maintain eye contact when your partner is talking.

2. Undivided Attention: Don’t talk and listen to your partner while you’re doing something else.

3. Listen With the Purpose of Understanding: Try to understand what your partner is feeling or experiencing. This can also help you have a deeper understanding of your partner.

4. Don’t Interrupt: Let your partner finish talking. Cutting him or her off mid-sentence can make her or him feel that you are uninterested in what she is talking about.

Active listening can help with spending quality time with your partner!

What else can you do and how do you make the most out of your time with your partner?

Try New Things Together

It is helpful to find a hobby or interest that you can do together. It is fun and you also get to spend quality time with your partner.

Don’t Use Your Phones When You’re Together

Try not to use your phone while you’re doing something with your partner. It’s not just phones this includes playing games on your console or PC or watching tv. Remember, quality time involves undivided attention.

Go to The Gym Together

It is a healthy activity, it’s fun, plus you can do workouts together! If the gym isn’t your thing maybe try yoga or spinning classes. Heck, why stay indoors? Go hiking! Go out for a run. Play sports. Physical activities are a good way to bond with your partner.

Cook Meals Together

If you always go out to eat, try cooking together at home! It’s a fun activity where you get to work together and it promotes teamwork. Plus you get to eat food at the end! If all goes well, you’re looking at a potential date night. Maybe pop a bottle of wine and play some soft music while you two eat.

All of these can help you create fun memories and amazing moments with your partner. But if you’re too caught up with work, chores, and everything else that you have to do you might not have time to do all these things. Check off a few from your to-do list by hiring a maid service. Check out Modern Maids today! They are the best Dallas maid service.