The Different Types of Weddings: A Simple Guide

Some people dream of their wedding day their entire life. Many of them do not consider the fact that they need to match the wants and needs of another human until the time actually comes.

Only 23% of couples avoid fights during the planning process. You can enter into this category by opening your mind to all options and choosing ideas that you both love.

Keep reading to learn about the different types of weddings so you can create the perfect one to celebrate your marriage.

The Classic

You can choose from all kinds of weddings. But, if you two love tradition, stick to the classic wedding.

Following the textbook puts you in a church to exchange your vows and a reception hall to celebrate. The bride wears a white dress that you can buy at Avery Austin and the groom puts on a traditional tuxedo.

The wedding party wears formal clothing and everybody eats a sit-down dinner together. The MC guides you through the first dance as a couple, parents with their children, and then everybody tears up the dancefloor for the rest of the night.

Choosing this wedding type takes away the stress of figuring out what to do. Everything worked for millions of weddings before yours so you can just trust the process.

Whimsical Theme

Do you want to make everything about your wedding magical? Add a little whimsy with a fairytale wedding.

It may take place in a church or a beautiful outdoor area. The bridesmaids may wear simple dresses with a flower wreath and slippers.

You may add special elements, like a release of butterflies rather than traditional flower throwing. An enchanting melody may replace the Bride’s march.

Your decore at the reception may reflect nature or a starlit sky. This can get as creative as you’d like.

Destination Wedding

Many couples now opt to tie the knot somewhere far away. Only a handful of loved ones join the celebration.

This may also take on a theme of whimsy, or it can carry a tropical feel, depending on the destination. If the place holds cultural significance, they may opt to adhere to old traditions from there.

Barnyard Marriage

Before you reject the idea of getting married in a barnyard, know that you can make it as laid back or as fancy as you’d like.

Some couples stay true to the space and dress farmer formal, putting the entire wedding party in cowboy boots and hats with their dresswear. Others opt for gutted barns filled with mason jar lighting and sheer romantic decorations.

Both ceremony and reception can take place here. Plus, the wide-open space and animals make perfect t scenery for your pictures.


When the pandemic hit, many people chose elopement over big weddings. Regulations made big weddings impossible, and this idea stuck with some couples.

You can do all of your paperwork and elope without a big production to save money, time, and stress. Afterward, throw an intimate party with only your closest loved ones at a small event venue.

All Types of Weddings Exist

Do not limit yourself to one idea of what a wedding is. Discuss all options with your partner. You can mix and match different wedding styles to create something unique and special!

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