10 Digital Advertising Trends For International Marketers

As globalization takes turns all around the world, people seem to become more connected every day. We use the internet in our daily lives to communicate with those we love on another side of the planet, entrepreneurs start businesses in other countries without even leaving home, and the businesses manage to bring the new brands into other countries as successfully as it can be.

Yet, some of these tasks are not an easy feat and require some effort and sufficient approach.

Our Weapon Against All Challenges

Despite all the conveniences we have today, the challenges that might stand in our way are numerous. Language barriers still exist, attracting people becomes trickier for marketing specialists, and the businesses started in other countries can be easily shut down if some minor details are overlooked.

Luckily, however, there is one weapon against this all and that is knowledge. Knowing about certain challenges beforehand can largely save time as you can avoid them. Yet, knowing what sells and having the useful reference at hand saves you not only time but also other resources, such as money (as you know what to invest in) and effort (as you won’t need to spend time researching the trends).

So, here are some of the best marketing trends that can work for you just fine today.

1. Environmentally friendly products. With all that ecological mess humans managed to make since the 19th century, saving the environment is becoming a trend. And everyone can do their share, from producing and selling healthy food to using the solar batteries in their production.

2. Digitalization. And that means almost complete digitalization. Lots of businesses have their share of the internet presence, either through the website or social networks. Yet, this year’s coronavirus pandemic moved all this even further. International shipping is now as common as it has never been and some businesses even managed to pull out the virtual experience of visiting their material facilities.

3. Multichannel marketing. Displaying the advertisement and conducting a marketing campaign purely on TV or billboards is not really a thing anymore. Marketing today happens virtually everywhere, at least for those who want to make the customers notice them. Digital or programmatic advertisements, social media, entertainment platforms, and many more resources are now open to marketing.

4. Localization. Another fancy term that is abbreviated similarly to the one above. Known as l10n, localization plainly demonstrates that merely translating marketing campaigns is not enough anymore. To make the customers see the product, the company must adapt it to the customers’ perception and make it relatable and familiar to them, regardless of how familiar the product might be to the audience upon the first glance.

You don’t really need to go far to find such services. The first option is, of course, to use localization services at TheWordPoint, which is one of the leaders in the industry today. In any case, localization services are a must today if you’re thinking about going global today.

5. Automation. Another element of digitalization, automation involves not only the production processes but also marketing (through programmatic advertising) and customer support (such as chatbots). With the rise of artificial intelligence, the automation of marketing is now as effective as it hasn’t been before.

6. Personalization. Developing a huge universal marketing campaign is not in trend anymore and might even be more costly than developing a few personalized campaigns. The customer experience is now on the top of things, so personalization currently rules marketing.

7. Mobile marketing is king. Yes, with over 5 billion people in the world using mobile devices today, mobile marketing is currently the most efficient method of letting people know about yourself.

8. Email marketing revival. With the possibilities that automation, personalization, and localization offer, email marketing are coming back. In fact, today, email newsletters are becoming more efficient than social media posts.

9. Internationalization. Also abbreviated i18n, the trend for internationalization is one of those things that drive the current globalization and progress. And it’s relatively easy to start. Essentially, all you have to do is to start using the website translation services to make sure you are understood in another country. Nearly every new business today aims big for the international market and many do breakthrough despite any odds that might stand in the way.

10. Influencer marketing. With new generations growing up and becoming social media celebrities, marketing grows up with them. Involving a YouTube personality or otherwise, an influencer in your marketing campaign is now extremely efficient and should be an opportunity to be used.

The Ways Are Many, All You Have to Do is to Strategize Them

Of course, only knowing what to do is not enough to develop and run an efficient marketing campaign. You must combine the points collected above in a way that would fit your particular need, product, or the company overall. That’s the point of today’s world seemingly becoming simpler and more saturated with information.

While it might seem like you have all the cards on hand, it’s only the tip of the iceberg as you must know how to play those cards.

Author Bio: Henry McDowell pursues a goal to discover a new trend in work, self-improvement, and modern lifestyle, research it and deliver it to his readers every day. As of now, he’s on track with this aim, yet, the world moves so fast that it sometimes makes Henry’s head spin. Nevertheless, he keeps searching for a new thing every day and becomes more immune to this vertigo to bring you the trendiest stuff there is!