4 Digital Marketing Trends And How They Can Be Applied To The Construction Industry

Digital marketing trends can be applied to the construction industry to help drive website traffic, leading to more clients being interested in your services. Keeping up with the trends also keeps your website current, ranking higher in SEO.

You’ll want to keep reading to learn more about these digital marketing trends and how you can apply them to the construction industry. Let’s start!

1. AI Assistance in Running a Website

AI (artificial intelligence) is becoming increasingly popular in digital marketing. It has many uses on your website. You can use it to analyze target audience data, speak with customers via a chatbot, and even help create content for your website.

Of course, it’s best to use AI as a tool, not as a replacement for a person, when making content. It can make many mistakes and doesn’t make the content feel human enough. You’ll want to check anything you make with an AI for quality and correctness, including written content and images.

Still, AI use in digital marketing is trending, and you can benefit from it in the construction industry.

How To Apply It to the Construction Industry

You can apply AI assistance to your construction website in many different ways. As mentioned above, it can act as a chatbot to aid customers. You can also use it to help you develop posts and content for your blog.

For example, you can have it generate article prompts for you. You’ll need to research keywords on the topic and use them in the post. Again, it’s important to use AI as a tool to benefit your site, not have it make all of the content itself.

2. Working With an Influencer

Next, there’s the trend of working with an influencer in digital marketing. Many companies hire influencers to promote their brand and encourage followers to buy from them. Influencers are also great for building trust and social proof on the internet.

How To Apply It to the Construction Industry

You can also work with influencers in the construction industry. You can hire them to discuss your work quality and your services.

Many of these influencers are already involved in building in some form or another. They might post videos of themselves making DIY projects or discussing their plans to renovate their home. 

You’ll want to make sure you research any influencers that you’re interested in before hiring. That way, you can be certain that you want them to represent your construction brand.

You can find construction influencers by searching related tags on social media. You can also find them by checking out online lists.

3. Short-Form Videos

Short-form videos, like those on TikTok, are extremely popular. Many other social media websites also use them, often calling them stories, shorts, or something similar.

Companies will make these videos and post them online to help bring awareness to their brand. They’re also excellent for driving traffic to a website and offer plenty of other benefits.

These videos aren’t too long that they overlap with the average attention span, so more people will watch them the whole way through. The shorter structure also makes them easier for the viewer to remember later.

How To Apply It to the Construction Industry

There are many fun ways to apply short-form videos to the construction industry. You can record DIY videos, showcase your work, and introduce yourself to your audience. 

You’ll want to use SEO best practices in your short-form videos too. High-quality videos that become popular for a keyword can boost your SEO ranking overall. You must add these videos to your construction website to get that benefit.

Overall, this is one of the top trends in digital marketing right now. Luckily, it’s very easy to apply it to the construction industry.

4. Focus on the Customer Experience Online

In digital marketing, more emphasis is being put on the customer’s experience online. Reviews, FAQ pages, and brand-customer interactions are becoming more common daily. By giving the customer a good experience on your website, you can help build social proof and trust for yourself.

You must ensure that you have a good-looking website that’s easy to navigate. You don’t want your potential customers to feel frustrated trying to find something important.

Plus, more people now prefer talking online to businesses than calling them when they have questions or concerns. You must ensure people can easily contact you online with these queries.

How To Apply It to the Construction Industry

The construction industry already has a high focus on the customer experience, so it’s pretty easy to apply it to digital marketing in the field.

You’ll want to ensure customer questions and concerns can be addressed online. They should feel comfortable contacting you on your social media pages and website.

You also need to make it easy for them to reach your customer service team online. Then, make sure that they receive outstanding service there.

Why Digital Marketing Trends are Important to the Construction Industry

Digital marketing trends are essential to keep up with in any field. Using them correctly can help you expand your audience and attract more customers to your business. 

Previously, word of mouth was enough for people to find contractors and construction businesses they wanted to work with. However, with more competition, you need more than just word of mouth to spread brand awareness today.

Digital marketing can help more people learn about you and your construction work. Although, you won’t see as good of results if you don’t keep up with the trends. Digital marketing strategies always change, so you must learn to evolve with them.

Overall, digital marketing is crucial for the construction industry. If you do it right, more customers will be attracted to your business. Plus, keeping up with the current trends can be enjoyable.

Start Using These Trends in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The digital marketing trends included in this article are great for boosting a construction website. You can use them to promote your services, expand your target audience, and engage your clients.

Remember, digital marketing is always changing in the construction industry. You’ll need to learn to update your website over time to help keep it current and interesting to your viewers.