Top Digital Trends For 2021

Due to the recent transformation in the industry, many companies and organizations are slowly shifting towards newer and emerging technologies. Aside from the latest innovation in hardware, businesses should also adapt to many things on the software side. If you agree, please read on. In the following sections, we’d listed and briefly discussed the top six digital trends in 2021.

Top Digital Trends

1. Data Analytics

Since many jobs shifted into remote and consumers changed behavior, data analytics became more vital than ever. In the past, it’s simpler to track employee statistics, consumer behavior, and market patterns. However, due to the recent health hazards, technological progress, and rise of cryptocurrencies, it’s now more challenging to weigh things.

As a result, many companies will start investing more in data analytics to improve their remote and diversified workforce. Also, it would help a lot in the marketing space, given how most purchases are now digital. Lastly, it would help businesses adapt to newer things like cryptocurrencies and better understand the highly volatile modern market.

2. Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)

One of the benefits of the market going digital is the ability to track consumer behavior easily. Since shopping sites and applications have databases, exchanging and analyzing data would be much faster. As a result, technologies like CDP or Customer Data Platform will continue to rise, especially in 2021.

As the industry gears towards collaboration, customer data are now also shared between companies. Accordingly, CDP makes it easier to upload a client’s profile and view it as a whole with other businesses. Apart from helping large corporations, it would also aid startups and smaller ones that don’t have enough data to analyze.

3. Digital Security

Aside from business and investors, the digital revolution will also attract more hackers and cybercriminals. As most activities will happen online, there’s an idea that there will be more data and money to steal. Considering this reason, 2021 is also a year where the industry will invest more in cybersecurity.

Apart from the general threats, there are also factors of reliability and competition. If a business’ website or platform goes down from an attack, it could lose revenue in a matter of seconds. Besides, as customers are more impatient than before, service slowdowns or outages would hurt one’s place from the competition.

4. Connected Clouds (Public, Private, Hybrid)

Due to the advantages of cloud computing, many organizations now use the cloud as their primary hub. However, due to many cloud services and technologies, it’s also becoming harder to integrate tasks and cut costs on the road. Luckily, connected cloud helps businesses in overcoming this issue.

In 2021, the industry expects to invest more in connected cloud technologies. As it’s quicker to integrate than migrate, having a way to connect multiple cloud services would be beneficial. Also, as scalability is one thing that companies now prioritize, a public, private, or hybrid connected cloud can easily expand as the business grows.

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

One of the main trends in technology is automation through machine learning or Artificial Intelligence (AI). As such, companies can automate processes, tasks, and other jobs that would be too overwhelming for individuals to handle. For instance, AI can help analyze large samples from data analytics efforts or CDP platforms.

Moreover, AI is now prevalent in many applications from casual, industrial, and corporate use. A good example would be Audext, an excellent audio to text transcription solution. Using AI, it can swiftly identify speakers in a call or recording and transcribe audio 200 times faster than the competition.

Above all, it’s highly affordable, supports most audio formats, and offers a built-in editor. If you want to experience the power of AI in consumer products, please check out Audext today.

6. Internet of Things (IoT)

In its early years, IoT only covers most home gadgets and appliances. However, due to the recent advancement in network speeds like 5G, faster microprocessors, and better software, IoT or the Internet of Things is now prevalent in businesses.

In 2021, IoT will help more companies to process tasks remotely. Given the current health hazards, making everyday gadgets connect would be advantageous. Additionally, it can aid AI in doing complicated jobs, replacing manual labor, and improving everyone’s lives.

Keep up with the latest digital trends

While these trends are only halfway into covering grounds, adapting as early as possible or considering them to plans would be beneficial in the future. As jobs went remote, purchases are online, and the market more volatile, using all available tools can help start, grow, and sustain a business.

Finally, maintaining an open mind and interest in innovations can help one succeed in this modern and ever-changing industry.