CZUR Aura: What You Need in the Digitization of Documents

Currently, a large part of the companies is in a process of renovation and updating, to which they are forced due to the speed with which technology advances and the need to adapt them to maintain their clientele and outperform the competition.

However, one of the most important actions that companies must carry out, whatever their sector and company name, is, perhaps, the one that goes unnoticed the most: the digitization of documents.

What does it mean to digitize a document?

Digitizing a document would be equivalent to obtaining its digital image, which is obtained from the document represented by a set of samples.

In other words, the digitization of a document is the conversion of a file of analog origin (or what is the same, not digital) to a digital representation (also called binary). This process is essential to achieve, as has been said, a digital representation of the bitmaps of a document (usually on paper). Thanks to digitization, the document is saved in a database.

It is important to know that the digitization process is not only used for paper files, although this is the best-known area. The digitization of documents goes through data sources such as photographs, music, and video files or maps; even radio and television signals can be digitized.

Is a digital file the same as an electronic file?

The similarities between some concepts that emerged from the rise of technology lead, not infrequently, to the confusion of terms. In this case, although they are very similar terms and can sometimes be used synonymously, this is not the case in document management.

Digitizing a file can be defined as a process that carries with it a desire to transform this analog document into a digital format, for its storage, management, and custody. Electronic management of a document would be, for its part, an action of the electronic administration that does not imply that will to transform that we talked about previously. It is simply a process of managing and storing a file born electronically, an electronic document.

Digitizing is closely related to scanning. For some people, scanning a book is difficult. Why? You need to make sure each page is completely flat when scanned. You need to press with your fingers during the scanning process. If you scan one or more pages of course it won’t be a problem. But what if you scan the whole book? You need a modern scanner, which can lighten your workload.

You need CZUR Aura!

This is a modern scanner from CZUR, a manufacturer of quality scanners with years of experience. Users of CZUR products come from all over the world, a testament to the fact that this company really has a recognized reputation.

CZUR Aura does not seem like an ordinary scanner because it is equipped with a foot pedal to support hands-free functions, a black base to reduce light reflections (which can damage the scan results), to magnetic side lamps ( optional) to scan shiny objects. This tool is an advanced scanner with software available for PCs and smartphones. You can learn how to use it in less than half an hour. All instructions are explained in simple language.

CZUR Aura can also function as a sophisticated table lamp

This portable book scanner can also function as an advanced desk lamp with 4 lighting modes; intelligent lighting mode, computer mode, reading light mode, and natural light mode. Choose according to your needs!

CZUR Aura doesn’t take up much space

If you think because it is sophisticated, it will take up a lot of space then you are wrong. As a scanner and desk lamp, the CZUR Aura doesn’t take up much space. This tool is quite small in size and will not look annoying on the surface of your workbench. Place CZUR Aura next to your PC. They will look like a perfect couple.

Ease of operation with CZUR Aura

This is a handy book and document scanner. You can place any document under the sensor and take photos using the foot pedal, allowing both hands to hold the document to ensure the scanned surface remains flat. To change the function (from a desk lamp to a scanner and vice versa), you simply press a small button. You can also make sure the scan goes well through a small LCD screen.

Scan time

The average scan lasts 2 seconds per page, making the CZUR Aura one of the fastest on the market.


If you are dealing with old documents, you can change the quality of the scan through the provided software.

Advanced technology

This CZUR book scanner didn’t stop here. This tool has been supported by AI technology and additional Proprietary technology, so it is able to accommodate the following functions:

– Straighten the book curve.
– Split book pages easily.
– Automatically sync scans.

Storage of scans

Each resulting scan will be saved in a folder. You can directly manipulate it and apply it in batches. Very practical!


This scanner has a very complete set of features, some of which are not found in similar scanners. It is one of the best solutions for document digitization. If you are interested in buying, you can use the coupon code CZUR20 for a lower price.