The Benefits Of Dirt Bike Graphics Kits

If there’s one thing riders all have in common, it’s that they care about their bikes and want them to look their best. Making a real splash on the tracks requires more than just providing a bike with basic maintenance and making sure it’s clean. To really turn heads, riders need to consider more dramatic options. They need to add eye-catching graphics to their dirt bikes.

Read on to find out about the benefits of graphics kits below.

Added Visual Appeal

The most obvious benefit of buying decals and graphics for your dirtbike is that it will increase the bike’s visual appeal. Dirt bike decals are designed to be glossy, bright, and eye-catching, and they come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and designs. These specialized decals are also designed with UV-resistance in mind, which means they won’t fade for years.

Graphic kits come with all the decals a rider needs to create a visually stunning, streamlined look. Those who really want to go all-out can purchase graphics kits that perfectly complement their helmets and other gear to turn heads every time they go out and ride. It’s a great way for riders to make a statement and express their vibrant, unique personalities.

A Perfect Fit

Dirt bike graphics kits come customized to specific makes and models of bikes, making it easy for riders to find decals that will fit the different parts like a glove. Riders can add these decals to:

• Radiator shrouds
• Gas tanks
• Front and rear fenders
• Swingarms
• Fork guards
• Airboxes

Number Plates

Each kit is a little different. Check the product details before purchasing new graphics kits to ensure that they will fit the bike and cover all the areas that need to be covered.

Reasonable Cost

Some dirt bike customizations cost a fortune, but that’s not the case with graphics kits. Dirt bike decals are very affordable, which makes them an accessible option for riders who want to customize their bikes’ appearances without breaking their budgets.

Just keep in mind that some specialized decals come at an extra cost. Riders can expect to pay more for kits that include rim protectors, upper fork tube protectors, and matching rider IDs.

Ease of Installation

There’s no need to bring a dirt bike to a body shop to install graphics kits. Most riders can get a perfect fit at home as long as they follow the instructions. To install the decals correctly, complete the following steps.

1. Step One: Prep the Bike: Start by removing old decals with a heat gun, then get rid of any excess adhesive left behind with rubbing alcohol or a contact cleaner. Clean the bike using soap and water and allow it to dry completely.

2. Step Two: Align the Graphics: Install one graphic at a time, putting each of them in position before removing the backing paper. When they’re perfectly aligned, pull back the paper while pressing the graphic onto the plastic. Riders can use their thumbs to remove air bubbles as they go.

3. Step Three: Finish the Application: To finalize the installation, apply heat. Heating up the decals will help them stick to curved areas of the bike. Once the bike cools, the graphics should stay in place for up to eight years without any readjustments.

No Commitment

Dirt bike decals aren’t just easy to install, they’re also easy enough to remove that riders can change their look whenever they want. Removing and replacing graphics is much easier than repainting the bike, and it can be done in any home garage or driveway to save money on body shop fees.

Added Scratch Protection

Serious riders know that dirt bikes can take a beating in the course of normal use. Adding decals creates an extra layer of protection against scratches and other forms of cosmetic damage. Graphics kits are made using high-quality vinyl and other durable materials, so they shouldn’t get scratched. If they do, just replace them with new ones and keep riding.

Tons of Options

Graphics kits don’t just come in different colors and patterns. Riders can also install decals with universal or custom backgrounds, and those who are worried about the expense of purchasing a full kit can buy specialized radiator shroud kits or trim kits. Some riders even combine decals from different kits to give their bikes a truly unique appearance.

Attract Sponsors

Serious riders aren’t just out to impress their friends. Having a bike that garners plenty of positive attention can also catch the eye of sponsors. Of course, sponsors want to find riders who stand out from the crowd in terms of performance and technique, but they’re only human. No one can blame them for considering other factors like style and panache.

Make the Bike Easier to Sell

Well-applied, high-quality graphics have the potential to attract buyers or even increase the resale value of a bike. It’s not just that decals look cool, either. When buyers see that a seller has put in the effort to keep his or her bike looking its best and customize its appearance, they’re often less concerned about the potential for mechanical issues.

An older bike that still has all its aesthetic appeal most likely belongs to someone who cares enough to provide routine maintenance, too.

How Often Do Decals Need to Be Replaced?

High-quality decals with UV-protectant coating will look their best for years. Most riders only replace their decals due to wear after around eight years. However, it’s perfectly fine for riders to install new graphics kits and update the appearance of their bikes whenever they want.

Graphics Kits Are a Great Investment

For the cost, there are few dirt bike customizations that beat graphics kits. No matter what kind of look riders are going for, they’ll be able to find plenty of options that suit their unique styles perfectly. Riders can match their bikes’ graphics to helmets and other gear to make a fantastic impression and get plenty of attention out on the track and change them up whenever they want. They’re that affordable and easy to install.