Disadvantages Of Using The Popular Smart TVs

When purchasing a smart TV, many buyers quite often only consider the benefits offered by the smart TV and forget about the cons that are not as apparent unless discussed. The evolution of smart TVs has changed the TV market and dynamic completely, as viewers now no longer need to rely on program queues and live TV.

The smart TV allows the viewer to have access to streaming services that are available through internet access meaning that they can access a variety of apps to watch endless amounts of content on their own time.

Although the advantages of smart TVs predominantly outweigh the disadvantages, it is still important to discuss the disadvantages of using the popular smart TVs that are usually shadowed over.

Limited security

As smart TVs are more or less seen as interactive devices when compared to standard TV, they are voice-enabled, connected to the internet, and track the information you are searching for and viewing. Although this doesn’t seem like a big deal, to many viewers this could potentially lead to invasion of privacy and hacking.

When you narrow it down, hackers can steal personal and financial information that is already channeled into your TV. For example, if you are using internet services regularly on your smart TV, financial information may be stored already and if hacked into, information can be stolen. Security footage also can be hacked meaning that hackers can spy through your smart TV and listen to conversations etc.

The problem with hacking is that it can be hard to detect through your smart TV if you have been hacked. Although it is not too common, the general factors to look out for are apps being previously opened that you know have not been opened by you or a family member, drastic changes to the volume or programming, or your email or password not letting you sign in successfully.

As this is one of the main disadvantages of using the popular smart TVs, TV providers are presenting consumers with additional options to reduce the chances of hacking. Samsung for example has introduced turning your “smart security” setting on which protects the TV and storage media from threats and hacking.

Dependent on internet access

Although a smart TV relies on internet access to use all features to the fullest ability, you are still able to use a smart TV even if you don’t have access. With no internet connection, the smart TV will only operate as a normal TV. Therefore, it is important to have an operating aerial or satellite for when you need to depend on Freeview TV.

If you have any issues with either of these, do not hesitate to contact mikeharrisaerialandsatellite.co.uk who will assist in ensuring your TV operates to its fullest ability. If you tend to run into issues regularly with your WIFI router, it is necessary to realize that this will, in turn, have an effect on your smart TV features and streaming services.


Some smart TVs can be compared closely cost-wise to normal TVs, but the majority of smart TVs, particularly from the leading brands, can be extremely costly. This is important to consider because if you are not too interested in using the smart TV streaming features, there is not much point in paying extra for qualities you are unlikely to use.

When comparing a retailer in the UK’s pricing, a smart TV can range from around £150 to £30,000 depending on size, model, features, etc. Whereas a normal TV can be as low as £99 and as high as £5,550. These price points display the remarkable price difference between the two.

With this being said, if you are in the position to splurge out on a brand-new smart TV and can enjoy each feature, by no means do so. However, if financially you are not in this position and know you would not benefit from the features, opt for the Freeview TV option as you are guaranteed to save money on this purchase. Check out mikeharrisaerialandsatellite.co.uk if you are looking for a Freeview or aerial installation.

Performance can be unreliable

The final disadvantage of using the popular smart TVs is that, similar to any other electronic device, smart TVs have the ability to endure problems especially because they have a direct connection to the internet.

Therefore, there may be issues with lagging, freezing, and crashes within apps. This can lead to wasted time as the viewer must reboot apps and fidget around with the device with the hope that it begins to work efficiently again and they can get back to watching their favorite shows and movies.