The Top Divination Tools Used By Psychics in 2019

As with most skills or crafts, divination tools are needed and used to achieve a final result. Professional psychics use a variety of tools in order to help them in their readings. But before we discuss these tools, let’s get a better idea of what divination is and how it helps you.

Divination practices are mainly there to guide you in making choices. To make choices means you would need a better or clearer understanding of your situation. This could be your situation in the past, present or future. Divine guidance helps to clear the fog blocking your perception of how things are. As we grow older, negative experiences and stress are some reasons we become less able to make sound judgements and good choices.

Now that you have a very basic idea of divine guidance, have a look at the top tools that psychics use and how these tools help them to help you.


Numerology is a very broad and interesting mystery science. Using numerology isn’t as much about predicting the future as it is about giving you the keys to unlock traits of your personality and find your own future possibilities. As a self-improvement device, it is more than just numbers, where each number corresponds to a certain personality type.

For the iffy people, numerology is like a road-map to reach and live the best life possible for you. It is to show you that not all your fate is carved in stone and you have the potential to change things around and be in more control of your life.


This one-time ancient system of writing of the German people is still going strong today. These are small stones, tiles or pieces of wood that have imprinted symbols on them. Because there was an alphabet system engraved in these stones, the belief was that if you could write something out, it would materialize, meaning the ancients thought the runes themselves carried magical powers, yet we know that they are only tools to help with guidance. Psychics typically carry the runes in pouches, then cast them onto a surface and use their psychic gift to understand their meanings to convey them to you.

Tarot Cards

The Tarot still is one of the most popular and well-known divination tools used by psychics. Many people often begin their psychic path by using this deck of 78 symbolic cards. There are literally thousands of types of tarot cards, and the psychic usually chooses the deck they are intuitively drawn to.

Each card has its own specific meaning. These cards can reveal the difference forces in play in your life which are influencing the matter you are asking the reader about. Sometimes direct divine answers can be given, or meanings that need more explanation can be interpreted by the reader.

I Ching

This tool is very helpful in decision making, clarifying your thoughts and approaching matters in a very relaxed manner. According to the ancient Chinese, the only constant thing in our lives is change, and this thought is no less influential today as it was centuries ago. The hands-on method for casting the I Ching is to use three coins. One method of reading involves tossing these coins six times, and recording the number of heads and tails.

The pattern of which they fall into giving an answer to your question. Of course, it’s much deeper than this brief description, and requires much experience and practice from the reader. The I Ching methods work best for open-ended questions rather than yes or no questions.


The Pendulum is perhaps the easiest, yet very effective tool to use and provides answers to yes and no questions. Pendulums can either be glass, metal, crystals, gemstones or wood. But perhaps the preferred material is wood as gems, metals and glass can absorb negative energy which can distort a reading.

Pendulums swing in vertical straight lines, horizontal straight lines, and in circular movements, which the reader can interpret the course of action to be taken according to which way the pendulum swings.

Be at peace

With divine guidance you will be more at peace within yourself and with the world around you. There is no one that doesn’t need guidance and spiritual healing. This lack of peace is one of the many factors that tend to pollute our thoughts and confuse us, leading us to make poor decisions in our life.

Psychics are divinely guided and do not guide us with their own opinions or advice, which is what makes psychic readings so valuable to get our life in order.