Dodge Durango Review: Is It All That?

If you are thinking about buying one of the latest 2024 Dodge Durango models you will be interested to know what industry professionals are saying in their reviews.

In addition to finding out what some of the most respected motoring journalists have to say about the Durango, it also makes sense to touch base with one of the Spanish Fork dealerships, for instance, who can show you what all the fuss is about. They will also be able to answer any questions you might have once you have seen this imposing SUV in the flesh.

Here is an overview of what you need to know about the Dodge Durango and what the experts think of this latest offering.

What you can expect from the Durango

The key takeaway from the majority of reviews is that the Dodge Durango gets a positive thumbs-up, overall.

This SUV offers three rows of seats, making it a popular choice for families. What many like about the Durango, in particular, is that it has a bit of attitude and street cred about it that rival SUVs struggle to emulate.

If you want performance as well as a vehicle that can carry your family in comfort and style the optional V-8 engine will satisfy your thirst for power. Even if you settle for the standard V-6 engine, you won’t be disappointed. You still get plenty of power and towing capacity, especially when you compare it to rival models.

Why change a winning formula?

In reality, the 2024 Durango doesn’t offer a lot of changes compared to its most recent predecessors. That is no bad thing. If you are getting a lot of vehicle for your money already, it only needs a few tweaks to give customers what they want.

For the record, there is a Tow n Go package for the Citadel, and an SRT Performance exhaust is a new feature. The addition of a new blind-spot monitor is also a welcome new safety feature.

The interior won’t disappoint

The general consensus amongst the latest reviews of the 2024 Durango is that they have managed to deliver a decent standard of trim and comfort compared to rival manufacturers.

The steering wheel is a classic example of good attention to detail. You get a chunk leather-wrapped rim combined with an attractive metal trim that gives you a great first impression when you step into the SUV and make yourself comfortable.

Fuel economy compares favorably

You can probably find crossovers that offer better fuel economy, but comparing like for like with V-6-powered rivals, the Durango fares well.

You can expect to achieve a typical 19 MPG when driving around the city and that rises to an average of 22 MPG when you hit the highway.

When you look at all the pros and cons points highlighted in reviews of the 2024 Dodge Durango you can see that it ticks a lot more boxes in the positives column than negatives.

Take a look for yourself at your chosen Dodge dealership. The reviews tell you that the Durango is well worth considering.