Signs Your Dog is Not Eating Healthy

Dogs are just like people and might not always be partaking in a healthy diet. If you’re noticing behavior that’s outside of the normal range for your dog that might point towards an issue in your diet. 

Here are some common signs to watch out for if you’re worried your dog is not eating healthy.

Who was that?!

If you’re looking around the room wondering who let out some gas and it’s just you and your dog, it could be a normal part of your pets digestive tract operations. However, if they’re letting out an excessive amount of flatulence, chances are there’s something wrong with their diet.

It might seem like a funny concept, but dogs can have intestinal issues when consuming the wrong kind of food. If your pooch is letting out bad gas a little too regularly, it might be time to switch up their diet.

Increased thirst

Dog food labels aren’t quite like the labels we see for human consumption. So if your pet is drinking a massive quantity of water you might be faced with a diet that’s too high in sodium.

Finding a dog food that provides a lower level of sodium can be difficult due to the limited information on pet food labels, but these options reviewed by experts might provide an option for low-sodium food. Sodium isn’t something that we often considered when we’re looking into an animal’s diet, but it plays a huge role in their health.

Obsessive scratching

Fleas might not be the reason your pet is scratching themselves so much. While you might see this as warranting a visit to the vet, your pet may just be allergic to their food. If the veterinarian has cleared your dog for fleas, and bathing doesn’t seem to help, there may be allergens present in their diet. Some dogs are allergic to artificial fillers in dog food and might need to have a diet that focuses more on naturally produced foods.

Fluctuations on the scale

Chances are you haven’t put your puppy on the weight scale to get an accurate measurement, but visibly noticeable changes in their weight might be a cause for concern.

If you’re still taking your dog for regular walks, but they’re increasing in weight, they might be getting an unhealthy food source. The same is true if they’re losing an excessive amount of weight, do some research on the breed and find out what food might be best for your dog.


Many dog breeds are meant to be happy and energetic, and if your dog isn’t responding the way most dogs in the breed do, this might point to a problem with diet. Dogs that come off as constantly tired when they used to be all about walks may need to be introduced to a different food. If your dog is getting older this might be just a part of the aging process, but if they’re relatively young their food is probably the answer.


Vomiting occurs when the stomach feels the need to expunge it from waste that can’t get regularly digested. If your dog hasn’t gotten into the trash recently, but is still vomiting this could mean they’re sick or the food they’re getting isn’t any good.

You still might want to take your pet to the vet for this sign. If there’s been a change with diet that corresponds to the increase in vomiting it’s probably the food source and you should get your puppy off that food as soon as possible.

Not eating

If your pet was always at the food bowl waiting for the next meal when you fed them, and now they seem disinterested, this might be a problem. Dogs are smart and their bodies tell them when something they’re eating just isn’t sitting well.

If the dog food they’re eating makes them feel a bad way, they aren’t going to be as eager to eat their food. This can lead to weight loss issues in and of itself, so keep an eye on how much of the food your dog actually wants to eat.

There are many signs to keep an eye out for if you’re concerned at all your dog isn’t eating the healthiest. Excessive flatulence, an increase in thirst, and an allergic reaction are some signs to keep monitoring. You’ll also want to see if they’re gaining weight, if they’ve lost energy, or they just don’t want to eat as much as they used to.

If your dog is vomiting this is certainly a sign that something is up and you might want to pay the vet a visit. There’s tons of information online if you’re looking for healthier options to feed your furry friend, and you’ll get their diet back on track in no time.

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