Dog Travel Essentials: 7 Important Things Every Fur Parents Should Bring

Traveling is such a fun activity that is always a great choice to start bringing loved ones with you during your trips.

Having more people to enjoy the trip with you will make the trip more memorable. However, your loved ones are not limited to “family and friends.” You might want to consider bringing your pets with you on a trip.

Although you might not be new to the whole traveling-with-your-pets thing, you might want to be as prepared as possible. That way, you can have the best time possible with your pets.

With that said, here is a list of seven important things you should bring with you during your trip with your pets. Check them out below.

1. Pet restraints

No matter how well-trained you think your pet is, it’s always best that you bring some sort of restraint for them as much as possible.

Sure, it’s nice to see them put their heads out of the window but you want them to be as safe as possible if you’re on a road trip.

Putting them inside a carrier or crate might be difficult during long trips. Although using the pet carriers or crates are pretty alright in other instances, it might be best that you look into other alternatives for pet restraints.

There are some seat belt harnesses available online that are made to accommodate your pets. The best carry-on carriage for your pets are ones that give them protection but also give them the freedom to move around.

2. Bedding and blankets

If you’re going on an overnight trip, then you need to need some bedding and blankets for your pets. It’s best that you get beddings that are familiar to your pets so that they have a more comfortable time resting in an unfamiliar place.

Even if you’re not laying down for the night, one other way bedding and blankets for your pets are useful is that it makes pets more comfortable during your drive. The smell and familiarity of the blankets will make the pets rest in ease inside the car while you’re driving.

If you don’t have any space to bring some bedding with you, there are travel pet beds available that you could buy.

3. Food and water

Of course, one essential part of a trip is the food and water that you’re bringing with you. It’s important that you bring enough dog food with you, especially if you’re going to a place that has no access to pet shops like in the wilderness.

If you’re going to be walking or hiking with your furry little one, then you should make sure that your dog has sufficient water. Make sure that you hydrate them regularly so that they don’t overheat during a walk. There are special types of water bowls that you could bring with you while you’re hiking or on-the-go.

Another important thing to bring with you that’s in line with food and water supplies are poop bags. As any good dog owner should do, you should properly throw out your pet’s messes, even if they are somewhere in nature.

4. Playsets

Much like a kid, pets can get a little antsy if they’re in the car for a very long time. Thus, you should make sure that your pets are sufficiently entertained during the drive. To do that, you should bring some playsets or toys that your dogs like with you.

Familiar toys are the best. If they have a favorite toy, then make sure that you don’t forget to bring those with you. Sometimes, a chew bone will be sufficient to get them going for an hour or so. Your dogs can also fall asleep while on the trip so they may not need to be entertained.

The best step though is to bring a pet outside the car sometimes when they’re getting a little antsy. Perhaps if you have a restroom break then you could get them out.

5. Treats

Aside from the usual dog food that you’re bringing with you, it’s best that you get some treats to bring along with you.

Regular store-bought treats are a great choice, but if you want to make a homemade version, then that’s great too.

A few human foods that are suitable for your dogs are good too because they’re sure to love that. If they’re getting anxious inside the car, you can also throw some calming treats their way so that they’re not worried and are distracted.

If you’re going to feed sedatives to your dogs, then you need some treats to bring with you. It will make it easier for your dogs to consume pills.

6. Leash and muzzles

If you think that your dogs are well-trained, you still need to make sure that others are comfortable in their presence. As a responsible dog owner, it’s your job to control them so it’s great thinking to bring some leash and muzzles with you.

Should you bring your dog traveling overseas, you might be required to bring muzzles with you because in some places it is required to put one over your dogs.

With leashes, it’s best that you don’t get something that’s too loose. That way, your dogs don’t get too close to others within their vicinity. With that said, if you’re going to be traveling in the wilderness, then you can bring along leash with you if you think it’s safe.

7. First-aid kit

If you’re going to be bringing your dog with you on a trip, then it’s best that you’re prepared for anything. A first-aid kit is not only important for you, but it can also be useful for your lovely companion as well.

You might be wondering what a pet’s first-aid kit should include. It’s actually quite simple. You just need a thermometer in case they get a fever, some bandages and gauze pads and rolls, a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, and maybe an antibiotic ointment.

This article is a brief checklist of all the things your dog needs for your travels. It will make the trip easier for your furry companion. Plus, it’s always better to be prepared than to be unprepared. Good luck and bon voyage!