7 Elements To Turn Your Student Dorm Room Into A Comfortable Place To Live In

Hey, College goer you. Congratulations, you are now in college, you are going to have a blast and you’d also be busier than you are used to. Moving to college is perhaps going to be a new experience for you and it can be daunting initially as you are going to be in a new environment full of new people with different ideologies from you.

Also, you’d have to share your room with someone else and if you aren’t used to it, it can take a lot of getting used to.

Your first instinct when you get to your new college room is to try to make yourself comfortable. Doing that is how you begin to make sense of your new environment. Plus, it would be necessary as your room would be your sanctuary when you get occupied. The snag is, getting comfortable is not as easy as you thought as you have to share the room and you can’t change much in the room due to college rules.

However limiting that is, you still can add your personal touches to your room to reflect your decor tastes and choices. You can even make enough changes within the college rules to make your room more beautiful and comfortable for you to stay. Stick with us and we would give you seven tips on how you can make your college room better.

We understand that you might have a roommate and doing this might look impossible at first but with our tips, you would have your roommate on your side, livening your room up. Enjoy.

7 Essential Ways to Turn Your Dorm Room into a Comfortable Room to Live in

These 7 essential ways would help you live comfortably in your room sooner than you think.

1. Unload Your Suitcase and Get Familiar with Your Room

This is the first step to your journey of college room comfortableness. Leaving your stuff in your suitcase would hamper your settling in. It is not fun rummaging through your box every time you need something. What you want to do is put away your stuff in your room and give you a sense of belonging.

Getting your stuff unpacked would allow you to get to know your room. You would know where your stuff is and also where things are in the room. It can be a chore looking for where to plug your phone or switch on the light all the time. Getting a feel of your room would allow you to feel more comfortable and start making your room feel like your home.

Part of getting familiar with your room is knowing your roommates and striking a friendship with them. You would need their cooperation in making major changes to the room, so it’s best to be involved with them early on.

Besides, you’d see each other every day and your college experience can be a lot smoother when you strike a friendship with your roommates. You can deepen your friendship by even working to keep the room tidy.

2. Know your Bed

You need to be able to sleep well in college due to the number of activities you would engage in. Make sure your bed is comfortable by changing sheets, getting a cosy blanket and a topper for your mattress. Sleeping well would help you settle in quicker and be more comfortable in your room.

Remember, the better your sleep, the more you would be able to concentrate and tackle any academic problem you face. Investing in making yourself sleep comfortable, totally worths it.

3. Move Around your Furniture

With your new roommates as your friend, you can start putting personal touches in your room. You can start small by moving around the furniture in the room. You could move your bed about a bit, move around the bed and so on. In moving around the furniture, be sure to get your roommates’ consent before you move around their stuff.

4. Wall Stickers and Posters

Now, you are ready for the big stuff. There are different ways you can do this depending on your choice. You could get wall stickers or posters depending on your personal options, what you are interested in or the theme you are going for.

You could hang posters or stickers of your favourite musician, movie, animal or any custom print of your choice. In hanging your wallpaper or stickers, you want to focus on the bare part of the walls.

5. Improved Lighting

It is your room and you can decide to stick with the boring college dorm lights or you could get better lighting for your room. You could get brighter lights which would improve the outlook of your room. You would be surprised how lighting can help you improve your mood. You could mix this up with a couple of string lights you could hang on the walls of your room.

These string lights to bring out the beauty of your posters and design. There are many ways you could use lighting to improve your room and let your imagination soar.

6. Get Some Rugs

As you have focused on your walls, now it’s time to focus on your room floor. Nothing says home sweet home than a comfortable rug. You could get one just for your space or if your roommate is interested, you guys can contribute to getting a full rug for the room. Get a dark coloured rug as you are in college and might not be able to control the foot traffic to your room.

7. Don’t Forget the Power of Nice Scents

Scents are tied to mood and emotions. Your efforts to make your room more comfortable wouldn’t be worth it, if your room doesn’t smell nice. So, complement your now beautiful room with nice scents. The ambience of your room could be your assignment help.

Harnessing the power of a comfortable personal space, can define how your college experience would be. Fitting in, in college starts from your room.