The Top Uses for Double-Sided Tissue Tape

These are lightweight tissues coated with adhesive or sticking substances on both sides. It is similar to double-sided paper products, and it provides more stability and conformability than adhesive single-sided tapes. This product is highly recommended for mounting light objects and can be used to laminate paper, plastic cork, and textiles.

Double-sided tissue tapes are produced from non-woven tissue paper coated with hot melt rubber adhesive or acrylic adhesive on both sides then laminated with release paper. This tape has features such as good strength to enable immediate bonding, better resistance to heat, solvent, and chemicals. Here are the top uses of double-sided tissue paper.

Used In Wrapping House Water Pipes

A single-sided tape does not firmly fix water pipes. On the other hand, double-sided tissue tapes are well known for the strong fix of the water pipes. Using single-sided tape can leak the water out of the pipes since their glitter is not very strong.

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Used In Stair Treads

Just like applying rugs and carpets, you can use double-sided tissue tape on your stairs to minimize the risk of slipping. It also protects your stairs from wear and tear. You can cut the stair treads and apply the heavy-duty double-sided tissue underneath. When done, firmly press the treads to the stairs.

Keep Photos on the Wall

Depending on the weight of the art, picture, or frame, you can easily use double-sided tissue tape to hold your favorite photos on the wall. Furthermore, you can use it to keep pictures on the desk at your office all at home. However, ensure the surface you choose to stick the tape on does not strip the paint.

Used To Fix Insulator on the Walls

In places experiencing high temperatures, people usually install insulators on the wall to help regulate the heat. You can use double-sided tissue tapes to assist in the installation process of this insulator. Since this tape is double-coated, it holds the insulation plate on the wall and ensures it sticks.

Used To Enhance Your Fashion

Double-sided tissue tape can help you get that perfect look. Many women use this tape to get fashion apparel to blend perfectly with their bodies. For example, you can tape down your belt strap to make it sit perfectly. You can also have an open shirt look by tapping down your collars with this tape.

Furthermore, double-sided tissue tape can be applied to your skin safely, allowing your dress, shirt, or fashion accessories to sit perfectly on your body. It gives you that perfect fashionable look that makes you stand out.

Used In Fixing Models for Inspection

You can use double-sided tissue tape to temporarily hold samples of specific models while inspecting them before you fix them permanently. They are also used to show how a proposed project will look like after it is complete.

Used To Apply Lace Wigs

Many women like wearing wigs. The big challenge is ensuring the wigs stay on their head throughout the day and look natural. Using double-sided tissue tape can help women achieve a more natural look when putting on their wigs.

Used In Floor Protection

You can use this product to protect your floor while the construction activities continue. The capability of the tape to bond surfaces using both sides helps in mounting floor protective material, which in turn controls damage during construction.

Laying Carpets and Rugs

It can be frustrating to place a carpet or rug within your home, and then you slip, or they curl up on the corners. Luckily, you can use double-sided tissue tape at the bottom edges and corners of your rugs or carpet to prevent this from happening. After applying, remove the film on the backside and place your carpet in the location you want. Press your mat down to ensure it sticks on the floor successfully.

However, before you use double-sided tissue tape its essential to understand that:

  • These tapes come in different sizes; therefore, you should choose a suitable one.
  • Clean the surface of the object before you start the bonding process.
  • Also, note that this tape is not suitable for hot surfaces since it will not stick well.

As you can see, double-sided tissue tape has many uses. Look around your office or home to see if there are ways you can use this tape to your advantage. Always ensure you buy it from reliable suppliers.