5 Tips for Dressing Well at Work and After Work

As a young woman, you understandably want your clothes to be stylish and on-trend. But if you work in an office, you’re expected to look professional.

So, how can you reconcile these two equally important aspects of putting a wardrobe together? Fortunately, it’s not as difficult to manage as you might imagine, as the five tips described below illustrate.

1. Follow Fashion Blogs

There is no shortage of fashion advice out there, including online features and articles related to dressing for work. In fact, some of the best strategies for dressing for work can be found within specialized fashion blogs that target professional women and address some of the dilemmas they face at work.

These blogs don’t just feature great-looking clothes, but also include tips on dressing for different body types or looking great at work even on a strict budget.

2. Invest in Wardrobe Basics

A skirt that fits perfectly. A jacket that matches everything. A pair of slacks good for any occasion. These types of wardrobe basics are worth investing in. While it isn’t necessary to empty your bank account to invest in some wardrobe basics, it does pay to purchase the best items you can afford.

Ultimately, you’ll look and feel great each time you wear one or more of these statement pieces. And spending money now for high-quality pieces will pay big dividends because they’ll hold up for years to come.

3. Assemble a Capsule Wardrobe

Mention the phrase “capsule wardrobe” and many young women groan. To be fair, capsule wardrobes have gotten a bad rap for being boring and predictable, even when the very concept — putting together a small set of basic pieces that match or work with one another — aligns perfectly for dressing for both work and leisure.

Still, capsule wardrobes don’t have to translate to wearing the same outfits over and over. Instead, these types of fashions can form the foundation for your personal style. Adding fun, on-trend pieces each season can keep a capsule wardrobe looking and feeling fresh.

4. Know That Tailoring Adds Polish

One reason designer clothes look so great is that they have been tailored to fit their exact proportions. Of course, these fancy types of duds may not always be within your budget, but tailoring different clothing items is often affordable and can make inexpensive clothes look more extravagant.

To that end, know that many retailers offer to tailor purchases at no charge, and dry cleaners also frequently provide tailoring or alterations for modest fees.

5. Step into Day-to-Night Outfits

If you’re like many people, at least some of your friends may also be your co-workers, meaning you’ll likely make plans on occasion to go out for happy hour or enjoy a karaoke night. But unless you live super close to work, there’s no way you can go home to change into a more casual outfit and rush to meet your colleagues.

That’s where a great day-to-night ensemble comes in. Indeed, a great-looking dress that looks professional in the office and a bit sexy at the bar definitely belongs in your closet. Another option: bodysuits that look professional when paired with a nice jacket for work, but also reveal your sexy curves for a girls’ night out or on a date.

Looking Great at Work — and After Work!

Maintaining a professional appearance at work — and being able and comfortable to wear the same outfit out after work with colleagues or friends — can be a challenge for women. That’s where a bit of expert advice comes into the equation, as fashion blogs represent a great source of consultation and guidance on every aspect of putting a wardrobe together.

Case in point: Investing in classic pieces and assembling a capsule wardrobe will ensure you always look put-together, and tailoring can make even an inexpensive outfit look like a million bucks. With these and other critical elements in place, you’ll always have the right ensemble ready — for work and/or for play!