Just Got Your Driver’s License? Here Are The Jobs You Can Do With It!

For a lot of people, getting their driving license is an important milestone in early life. It can open the door to the possibilities of independent travel and road trips with friends that make for exciting weekends. Having a driving license grants an increase in freedom and possibilities and can also open the door to improved career opportunities. Once you are fully qualified as a driver you can make driving your major source of income.

There are a range of jobs where driving is a key element of the work. If this career choice sounds appealing, then pay attention to this article as three examples of jobs you can do by holding a driving license are discussed in detail.

Become a Taxi Driver

Becoming a taxi driver is an ideal choice for people who enjoy driving and like the idea of having a degree of freedom to set their working hours. You could even set up a business for yourself, rather than work for a taxi firm, by buying your first taxi from firms like cabdirect.com. As a result, you would be free to set your hours of work, giving you the flexibility to balance earning commitments with your home life.

In time, once you build a customer base and are recognized as providing a high-quality, friendly and efficient service, you could even expand your operations by adding more staff and vehicles until you have a fleet of taxis.

One key requirement of any good taxi driver is to remember a range of places and popular destinations so that you can take your passengers by the quickest route. In London, taxi drivers have to take an in-depth test of their navigational abilities called “the knowledge” to ensure that they are fully equipped to drive around London’s vast road networks.

Become an Amazon Flex Driver

Amazon Flex is a delivery service by Amazon that allows drivers to deliver Amazon packages using their own vehicles. This provides an excellent opportunity for individuals who have a driving license to earn extra income on their own schedule. MyFlexBot is a tool that helps drivers find the best Amazon Flex delivery blocks in their area, increasing their chances of earning more money.

With Amazon Flex, drivers can work as much or as little as they want, making it a flexible option for those who need to balance work and personal commitments. By using MyFlexBot, drivers can maximize their earning potential by identifying and securing the most lucrative delivery blocks.

Whether you are looking for a full-time career as a driver or just want to earn extra income on the side, Amazon Flex and MyFlexBot can provide a great opportunity for those who enjoy driving and want to take advantage of their driving license.

Commercial Lorry Driver

If the idea of driving long distances and even seeing different countries on your journey inspires you then you may wish to become a lorry driver. Commercial lorry drivers consistently deliver goods on a national basis and some jobs may see you driving internationally to deliver the products your lorry holds.

Commercial lorry drivers can earn a good income in addition, with the average salary for a lorry driver in the UK over £34k a year. Put simply, if you enjoy driving long distances then this job may be perfectly suited to you. Bear in mind though that for larger lorries you will need to complete a C1 driving license in addition to your standard car license as the rules have changed since 1997.

Ambulance Technician

If you enjoy driving but also want excitement and challenge in your career you could opt to train as an ambulance technician. Ambulance technicians will drive under blue light emergency conditions to a range of life-threatening illnesses such as heart attacks and strokes.

They provide first-class medical care and ensure that the patient is stabilized before being transported to the hospital. All ambulance drivers must have advanced driving skills and be able to drive safely at speed whilst ensuring they do not put the public in danger.