Driving Do’s and Dont’s

Experts believe that from time to time, each and every motorist in the UK could benefit from a refresher course. Or at least, a couple of refresher driving lessons to remind them of a few important points.

As most motorists choose not to return to their private tuition at a later date, the next best thing is to periodically consider a few important pointers from the pros. So, whether you’ve been driving for 6 months or 26 years, it’s worth occasionally going over the following do’s and don’ts to be a safe driver:

Do Wear Your Seatbelt

The number of motorists who take to the roads each day having forgotten (or deliberately not bothered) to buckle up is astonishing. Not only is wearing your seatbelt at all times the law, it could also save your life.

Do Keep a Safe Distance

This means being aware of your surroundings at all times, ensuring you keep a safe distance from every possible hazard in the vicinity. Always remember that the biggest hazards of all might not be in front of you – they might be in your blind spot.

Do Be Careful in Bad Weather

Throwing caution to the wind (pun intended) and ignoring the weather is a recipe for disaster. Unless you take extra care while driving in bad weather, you pose a threat to the health and safety of every driver, passenger and pedestrian out there.

Do Consider Additional Driver Training

There’s a direct correlation between those who take refresher driving lessons (or Pass Plus where possible) and a reduced likelihood of being involved in accidents on the roads. They’re technically optional, though can and often do make all the difference.

Do Get Insured

We all know that it is a basic responsibility of driving to make sure that you are fully insured. The fact is, you should never overlook this if you are keen to avoid making mistakes on the road. Not only could it be illegal (depending on where you live), it is also liable to put you in a tricky financial situation, should any unwanted circumstances on the road occur.

So make sure you get the insurance you need, whether that’s SR22 Insurance or just the standard – and don’t drive without it being in place.

Do Concentrate at All Times

Quite simply, everything in your car that takes your attention away from your surroundings even for a second is a dangerous distraction. Hence, anything that’s likely to distract you is something that should be removed from your car, or switched off and stored away.

Don’t Use Your Phone

By law, you are only permitted to use electronic devices of any kind when you are in a stationary position in a safe location. Rules like these don’t exist just for the sake of it – they could save your life or the lives of others around you.

Don’t Make Assumptions About Other Drivers

Most drivers simply assume that the other motorists in the vicinity will drive and behave exactly as they themselves would. In reality, anyone around you could do just about anything at any time, meaning you need to be prepared for every eventuality.

Don’t Rush

Arriving late is better than not arriving at all…period. Statistically, you are exponentially more likely to be involved in a serious accident when rushing to your destination, as doing so prompts aggressive and careless driving.

Don’t Lose Your Cool

Last but not least, the key to staying safe on public roads often lies in remaining cool, calm and collected at all times. If you feel as if you are losing your temper, your confidence or your composure, find a safe place to pull over and take a breath of fresh air.

In Summary

With the exception of additional driving lessons and tuition, the only thing that could make you a safer motorist on the roads is you. Simply by making a few minor adjustments to your approach and your attitude, you’ve every opportunity to make the roads a safer place for everyone.