Dubai Flowers Arrangement: What Are The Basic Principles To Follow?

Flowers are one of the best gifts you can give for any occasion. It provides a refreshed and vibrant feel that can create a positive vibe in the recipient. But to make Dubai flowers more appealing and beautiful, you should follow certain principles while arranging them. Following the principles ensures you strike a balance without creating an overpowering effect. 

While arranging a flower bouquet, you should pay attention to every flower and colour you are combining. This provides you with the best result. Let us have a look at a few of the basic principles while arranging flowers.  

Basic principles of  Dubai flowers arrangement

Strike a balance

Balance in Dubai flowers arrangement includes both physical balance and visual balance. 

Physical balance refers to maintaining the weight of the arrangement. You should draw an imaginary line in the centre of the arrangement and arrange flowers on either side based on the weight. Once the arrangement is over, the flowers should look symmetrical on both sides without one side weighing more. 

Visual balance is maintaining the same type of flowers on either side of the imaginary line. While physical balance provides importance to the weight of the flowers, visual balance emphasises the colour and type of flowers. 

Maintain the proportion

The proportion refers to the length and width of the arrangement. The flowers you select, and their length should be proportional to the vase or bowl used for the arrangement. Selecting large flowers like a sunflower for a small vase might look disproportionate. Similarly, bud roses for a large vase also look out of place. The length and width of the arrangement should be proportionate to each other. 


The flower arrangement should ‘fit’ the space where it is placed. E.g., if you have a small countertop, a large bushy arrangement will look out of place. Similarly, a small center table arrangement would also look odd for a large table. The size of the arrangement should be in proportion to the space available. 

Focal point

Every Dubai flowers arrangement should have a focal point that forms the arrangement’s centre of attraction. It can either be a flower of a contrasting shade or larger than proportionate size. This focal point draws the attention of others to the flower arrangement and makes it look attractive. 


The colour of the flower arrangement should be in accordance with the theme and colour of the room. E.g., if you are making a fall decor, you should give prominence to the orange colour, as orange is the colour of the autumn season. If you are decorating a baby girl’s room, a dubai flowers arrangement in the pink shade would be a perfect choice. 


The beauty of a flower arrangement depends on the overall aesthetics. The flower’s colour, size and proportion should strike a balance so that the entire arrangement looks harmonious and synchronised.