4 Ecommerce Tips for Beauty and Skincare Brands in 2020

The beauty and cosmetic industries have seen increased growth in recent years, both in consumer sales and in the number of new businesses venturing into the market. A good number of these businesses have chosen the e-commerce route, seeing the vast potential in an online market that can deliver a product that is in high demand.

Websites like Asian Beauty Wholesale have found success in reselling many of Korea’s top skincare brands to customers worldwide. Look into their varied catalog of products, and to peruse an example of a well established online reseller in the beauty industry, click here.

With a real-life example of a thriving market in mind, here are four e-commerce tips that can help get your skincare brand off its feet and increase sales:

1. Utilize SEO and Industry Language

The search engine is one of the best ways to reach your target audience. For many customers, the first website that comes up in a google search is the one they most often frequent. The race to get your website on that coveted first page of search results has given rise to an entire industry practice: Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Using SEO techniques, such as utilizing buzzwords and repeated use of essential language related to your industry, you drive up the relevance of your website to a customer’s specific search. This technique means that users who search for terms related to your online market are more likely to see you on the top of their results list.

Being every potential customer’s first option is a considerable advantage in the world of e-commerce since you are operating in the digital space, so you shouldn’t overlook the importance of SEO.

2. Practise Consistency

Since e-commerce is an industry that primarily exists online, your website needs to establish trust and reputation beforehand. Reliability goes hand in hand with consistency and can be a significant deciding factor for consumers in determining their go-to online beauty product market.

Stick to regular release schedules for products, accurately display stocks, and continuously update promotions to show your website is a well-managed beauty e-commerce site. The concept of consistency extends towards a website’s branding as well.

Ensuring your product lines remain in keeping with what your target audience is after will guarantee that customers return to your website time and time again.

3. Pay Attention to Website Aesthetics

Update and improve your e-commerce website in every opportunity that you can. For e-entrepreneurs, a website is as good as a storefront. You should pay close attention to the general look the same way you would organize your shop.

Thought must be put into the customer flow from first arriving at the website, and ending at the point of sale, each step must be smooth, and every page must be designed to be stable, readable, and perhaps most importantly, pleasing to the eye.

Color coordination and general website formatting will serve you well, especially in helping customers decide. Highlighting promos and newly released stock with appropriate graphics and coloring will draw a customer’s attention exactly where you want it to be and have a direct effect on sales.

4. Use the Internet’s Flexibility

There are endless opportunities to market your product effectively on the internet, arguably more than with a physical storefront. Making use of targeted advertising can narrow a broad customer base down to the select few who know exactly what they want, and are willing to commit to an immediate purchase, and also serve to sway people still on the fence about what to buy.

Web developers are now also equipped with an endless array of APIs and plugins to be added to your website. These can be modified to your specifications, granting you limitless freedom in how you want your marketplace to look, and how you want your products placed out there.

This flexibility is a strength that smart e-commerce websites can use to ramp up sales and increase your marketplace’s effectiveness.


Using the internet’s multi-layered features, along with an e-commerce platforms’ near-limitless reach, you can take your skincare brand and propel it to the world stage. You can start by bringing consumers the exact products they need, with convenient, reliable service.

Following the above tips will further refine your online market and make it into a place customers cannot help but return to. By the way, for any payment issues that you may encounter, you can check here to see which brand works best for your business: Square or Stripe.