What Education Businesses Can You Start?

Once, when your school or college days were over, that was the end of your education. There might be some job-related training, but in terms of formal learning, once you were an adult, you weren’t expected to do any more than you had already done. Children, too, were only expected to go to school and not to have any or want any additional learning avenues to explore.

Today things are different. Today we know that for some, learning is an excellent resource that they not only need to continue to get the most out of their jobs but that they want to continue because learning fascinates them, and they love to know more about all kinds of things.

Because of this shift in ideas, it’s now possible to develop a thriving education business that people – adults and children – will want to engage with. Here are some of the best ideas to help you do just that and become a successful entrepreneur.

Children’s Tutor

Some children are able to do very well at school, and it’s the ideal learning environment for them. Some, however, find that being around so many other people means they lose focus, or they might not enjoy the way that lessons are taught in a school. Still more simply need additional learning to ensure they can reach their full potential. This is where a children’s tutor will be needed, and why starting such a business is a good idea.

If you have knowledge in a specific area, you can set yourself up as a tutor, either visiting students in their homes or having them come to you in yours or in a neutral central location. You don’t necessarily need any formal teaching qualifications, although gaining an online masters in education UK is a good idea; it will help you to stand out from the crowd and ensure that people have trust in you when it comes to your knowledge and experience.

If you are passionate about giving children the very best education possible, then tutoring could be ideal for you. You can start out on your own, and over time you can build up a team of tutors, ensuring that your business grows in the right way.

Tutor Finder

If you like the idea of finding tutors for children – or even for adults who want to gain more knowledge in a certain subject – but you don’t think actually teaching the subject is for you, then you could set up a tutor finder service instead.

Many people wouldn’t know where to start when searching for a tutor, they wouldn’t know whether to opt for online or face-to-face lessons, they wouldn’t know perhaps what qualifications to look for. With a good tutor finding service at their fingertips, they wouldn’t have to know these details because you would deal with all of this for them.

The ideal place to start when building a tutor finder business is to create a website where people can input the details of what they are looking for, where they live, what subject they need to know more about, and so on. The hardest part will be to find good tutors, and this is something you must spend time on; interview as many as possible and only have the very best on your site.

Online Hobby Classes

Learning isn’t just about math and spelling; there are many different subjects that people might want to learn about, and there are many different pastimes too. Having a hobby is hugely important for everyone; it keeps you entertained, means that your brain is always active, and it gives you something to look forward to. When you have a hobby, it’s important to know that you don’t have to monetize it; you can just enjoy it no matter what the outcome.

Of course, most people who practice a hobby want to be at least fairly good at it, if not great, and this is why they might look for a formal class rather than pursuing the hobby themselves. By setting up an online hobby class, you won’t be limited in the location of the people you want to impart your knowledge to, and you can easily pre-record videos if you feel that that is the best thing to do (although live classes are often a better option).

When you are teaching a hobby, you can teach absolutely anything at all, from cake decorating to how to play Dungeons and Dragons to playing the guitar. If you enjoy the hobby and are good at what you do, it’s highly likely someone else will enjoy it and want to know more.

Educational Toys

In some educational businesses, you don’t have to be hands-on at all. In some, you might never actually see the people who are benefitting from what you do. That can be ideal for many people and inventing and creating educational toys is an example of this.

Parents love to buy their children – of all ages – educational toys. They want their little ones to have a head start before they begin mixing with other children, or before they start school, or perhaps before they start a specific topic in school.

Whatever the case, parents and those looking for an ideal gift for a child will often like the ideal of educational toys. Not only are they fun and stimulating, but if they offer the child some help when it comes to learning, that’s all the better.

Take a look at the toys currently on the market and think about what a parent would want for their child, as well as what a child would want personally. This will – and should – take some time since it is the most important element of what you do. Once you come up with an idea, patent it, and speak to manufacturers about making a prototype which you can then use in focus groups to see if your idea is a good one or not.

The downside to this business is that it can cost you money only to find that no one is interested in what you do, but equally, it could make you a lot of money when you hit on the right idea.