Electric Wine Opener vs Manual Corkscrew? Which Is Better?

The best part of drinking wine is absolutely the drinking part, and removing the corkscrew is arguably the worst part of the process. The cork that’s found in your wine is generally used because it provides a seal that fits the shape of your bottle making it a convenient way to secure the wine.

However, the cork has an unfortunate downside if removed improperly, and if any ends up in your wine, it will taint the taste making for a bitter almost intolerable taste. If your heart is set on a particular wine that happens to utilize the cork seal, what is the best method of removal?

Electric wine opener


Not every night is a night where you are going to see yourself trying to impart a mood for a romantic evening. Sometimes you just want a glass of wine with your meal after a long hard day, and you don’t need to add anymore struggle for it. With a push of a button, your wine is easily opened and there’s no additional worry.

Or maybe you don’t drink wine often enough to warrant the struggles associated with using a manual corkscrew, or you drink wine often enough not to want to struggle as frequently with the manual corkscrew. Whatever the reason, an electric wine opener offers more ease to your life.

It is exceptionally good for those who might have arthritis or another condition that inhibits them from enjoying something they love, just because it’s too difficult to open. It can also have a sleek appeal that creates a sophisticated modern mood. Now, what is left to do, is look for a compiled list or review of some of the latest electric wine openers to choose the right model.


Electric wine openers can be a more than a little bigger than a manual corkscrew, and if ever you are planning a trip and limited in storage, this poses a problem. They also take away a bit from the romantic experience of wine drinking, and you might lose an opportunity to impress your date.

Electric wine openers generally run off of electricity, so if you are taking your tasting experience into an outdoor camping adventure and you don’t have readily available access to a power source, you may be out of luck.

Manual corkscrew


Negatives aside, manual corkscrews have the added benefit of being portable, convenient and easy. They’re small and can be taken on trips, and with a bit of practice and know-how they can be used to open even the most stubborn of cork seals. If utilized properly, they contribute to the mood positively.

You can find them anywhere, and most hotel reception desks have had at least one on hand. There’s sort of a traditional nostalgic appeal to using the manual corkscrew, especially if you’re setting yourself up for a romantic night. They don’t require a power source, and they make for a great camping or outdoor adventure asset.


We’ve all undergone the experience with a manual corkscrew. The one where we’re pulling, stretching, and tugging until finally we hear that loud *pop*. If we’re sitting down to enjoy our fine wine in an evening supposed to be enveloped by comfort and good food, this can contribute to a negative mood.

Enjoying wine is all about mood, and struggling fruitlessly to open the fountain gateway to an enjoyable night, definitely doesn’t contribute to a good mood. Their size might also suggest they’re easier to lose track of, and you might end up purchasing more than one if you happen to lose yours. If you have any conditions that inhibit your ability to apply force in your hands this is going to be a major con for the manual corkscrew.

There’s really no right or wrong way to enjoy your wine. It is your experience to have, and whatever method suits you is the right way. You don’t necessarily need to seem like a fine wine connoisseur and use a manual corkscrew just to impress anyone. Traditional methods can appeal to a lot of individuals because it sets a mood they’re adjusted to.

As well as the fact that manual corkscrews can be used just about anywhere without the need to use electricity. However, the easiest and appeal of electric wine openers attests for itself. The sleek designs offered set a positive vibe in their own way and can only contribute to developing the mood of the night. Whatever method you decide to use, enjoy your wine, how you want to.