Elon Musk Replies To The Hacker’s Collective Bitcoin Warning!

Elon Musk is the co-founder of tesla motors, and the space x foundation is one of the utmost active participants in the cryptocurrency industry, especially bitcoin. The tweets of Elon musk have rendered an influence on the value of bitcoin, the foremost tweet of Elon musk stating that tesla motors have invested a significant amount of funds in the bitcoin industry, correspondingly he signaled the announcement of accepting bitcoin as a payment method.

Bitcoin is a viable cryptocurrency alongside a speculative asset; the market cap of bitcoin was more than 1 trillion dollars at the very foremost instance. Tons of multinational companies and significant firms have invested a significant amount of funds in bitcoin, including tesla motors and Microsoft. The recent market crypto crash was all over Elon musk as people blamed them for manipulating the value of bitcoin from just his Twitter handle.

Conferring the statement of specialized market analysts, the tweets of Elon musk actually did influence the value of bitcoin, the foremost tweet of Elon musk of the tesla motors investment in bitcoin towered the value of bitcoin, all the more the announcement of accepting bitcoin as a payment method correspondingly towered the value of bitcoin.

However, on the 13th of May 2021, Elon musk announced the suspension of accepting bitcoin as a payment method which declined the value of bitcoin by more than 19%, which was followed up by china’s latest move of cryptocurrency crackdown, and these two actions led to the bitcoin bloodbath.

Subsequently, to the losses in the bitcoin industry, a collective hacking group named as anonymous, not the original one, released a threatening video against Elon musk, stating that he is not acknowledged about how hard money is earned; in a nutshell, the video did hit the reputation of Elon musk below the belt.

Moreover, there are few authentic forums like cfd society for availing profitable outcomes in the bitcoin journey. On 9th June, Elon musk replied to the threatening video in the utmost productive way possible. Below mentioned are some of the latest updates regarding Elon musk’s reply on the subject of the bitcoin warning; let’s have a glance.

Elon Musk Replies In The Musk Way!

The tweets and interviews of Elon musk state that he is equipped with a jolly nature, and he replied to the threatening video in the utmost funny way possible.

The video of the hacking collective was posted on a Twitter page equipped with 15k followers, and the video acquired an exceeding extent of views in just two days, and video halted the milestone of 2 million views in 48 hours, to the video the original hacking collective named as anonymous clarified that the video is not subjected with them at all.

The fact might amaze you that Elon musk considered the threat not as a threat but as a joke and subsequently to the tweet alongside the video, Elon musk replied on his Twitter handle by targeting the authenticity of the hacking collective and stated that it, not even a good fake, all the more he shared a picture of a funky with his laptop sitting sideways with a unique hairstyle by targeting the roles of hacker displayed in movies.

The tweet of Elon musk just astonished every possible participant of the cryptocurrency industry; all the more, he clarified that he would correspondingly support bitcoin and dogecoin at the very same time.

The recent tweets of Elon musk have assisted that the cryptocurrency industry is heading to the restoration route.

The tweets of Elon musk subsequent to the market crash actually did help the investors to minimized losses; at the foremost glance of the market crash, he tweeted to diamond emoji’s stating that it the mere appropriate time to hold bitcoin, later he tweeted that he supports the latter, in a battle of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

Moreover, he tweeted on questioning how dogecoin is created, and he asked his followers to drop the GitHub link idea.

These are some of the latest updates regarding the tweet of Elon musk on an anonymous video on bitcoin warning.