Escape from Tarkov Beginner Guide: 6 Most Important Tips for Beginners

Escape from Tarkov is a hard-core and realistic first-person shooter game. However, before you start playing the game, know that the learning curve is not flat and needs lots of practice and gameplay to be a pro on the battlefield.

With highly detailed mods, weapons, and extended features, it does make it a little difficult to figure out how to play the game. Do not worry, because such as this website we have put in the most essential tips that we think can help you master this game.

1. First, run the raids

It pays to use the SCAV runs especially when you are a beginner in the game. This is because you do not risk any of the gears. Whatever you win with the raid is pure profits for you. There are some gears that your SCAV can get hold of which you can check in the main menu.

At times these gears can be of real value. Also when you play as a SCAV then the AI SCAVS will not be able to shoot you unless you do not fire at them. It is best to not shoot the other SCAVS when you play as a SCAV. This is unless the SCAV has a better gear or you are near to the extract.

2. Insure the gear

If you have finally gathered the courage to use your gear as a PMC in the raid then make sure that before you use it, you insure it. If you get killed and no one picks it up then it gets returned to you by the Therapist or the Prapor. You can choose the insurance company based on who you think meets your requirements. Prapor offers insurance at a lower rate but they also return your product very slowly.

Therapist is expensive but they give back your weapon to you in 24 hours. The popular theory in the Escape from Tarkov game is that insurance is meant only for the rich players. However, on the contrary, insurance can be used even by the new player. This is because it is cheap and highly effective especially if you are using an expensive gear.

3. The map should be accessible always

You will definitely get lost when playing the Escape from Tarkov game. It thus pays to have a second screen where you can load the map which can be referred to when you are running in a raid. You can load the map on your tablet or mobile. Several community maps can be downloaded in advance to give you the locations. One of the hardest locations is the interchange map and using a guide would really help.

4. Where are the extracts?

Each map on the Escape from Tarkov game has a different extract. Based on your performance in the raid you will be given a different selection. Some extracts can be accessed only with others or if you have a key. Each map has the extracted set which is always open.

Some extracts are on only at certain items. The extracts that come with the ??? feature are cash, item, and time-sensitive. If you wish to escape faster then they may not be your best bet.

5. Adding medications to the quick bar

The weapons that you use are assigned a number however your medical supplies are not assigned such a number. You do not want to jump to get your stomach stitched when you are in the middle of a fight.

Here is what you can do about it. When you are loading into a rave make sure that you drag the medical supplies to the quick bar. Ensure that you remember the assigned number. So the next time that you get shot all that you need to do is to find a hole and get healed without having to press the tab.

6. Plan your hideouts

The hideouts are not random but it is something that you should well research on. After every upgrade you get access to newer things that let you increase the rest time, mod, the guns, etc. That lets you quickly recover from a raid.

The Bitcoin Farm is the best upgrade that you can avail for the hideout. This upgrade may not come exactly at the start and it does slow you a bit but it is worth it. The price of Bitcoin is rising and the price is related to the in-game prices so with the right investment you are sure to make some easy money.


Escape from Tarkov is a hard-core shooter game and the ideal game for someone interested in playing hyper-realistic gunplay. The game involves a lot of tactics and intense fights which may not be easy for a faint-hearted to pick up.

If you have been procrastinating about picking up this game then use this guide to help you get started. It takes time to get the grip of the game but eventually you are sure to work your way around.