Essential Tools Every Hunter Should Own

Hunting is man’s original method of surviving. Before the discovery of agriculture, hunting animals and foraging for fruits and vegetables was the only possible way of staying alive.

Thanks to the impact of technology on human civilization, people don’t have to run around and hunt to survive anymore. While some may view it as a hobby for entertainment, others are dependent on it for a clean and cheap source of food.

There is nothing more important to a hunter than their gear. When a hunter is out in the bushes or the wild, the only thing they can depend on is their own experience and gear.

It’s recommended to never go hunting if you aren’t prepared with the right tools and experience to avoid any dangerous mishaps. When you’re looking for a great idea for a hunter, it’s important to consider portability, safety, durability, and sound. 

The gears vary from one hunter to another, depending on the game, but there are essential tools that every hunter should own.

Orange-lined vests

Not all hunters are required to wear orange-lined vests, but there are a few states that make it mandatory for hunters to wear them. Whether it’s mandatory or not, it’s recommended to wear an orange-lined vest on your hunting trips to let other hunters identify you easily and avoid any mishaps caused by line-of-vision problems. You don’t need to worry about ruining your camouflage, as it you’ll still be hardly visible in the game you’re hunting.


A knife is a hunter’s closest friend. It’s the most basic tool that can be used by hunters in the field for skinning, gutting, and butchering the game and even protecting themselves. A combination of knives like sheath and pocket knives is recommended. You may even carry a knife sharpener with you to make sure that your blade never gets dull.

First-aid kit

The first thing you rush to whenever something goes south is your first-aid kit. Different variations of first-aid kits exist for hunters depending on their experience and preferences. The most essential first-aid kit for any hunter should contain a few band-aids, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal creams, sanitizer, gauze, and anti-itch cream. They shouldn’t weigh too much, so you’ll be comfortable carrying them around.


Just like explorers, hunters have to explore their terrain really well and get acquainted with it from a comfortable distance, so they don’t disturb their prey. Binoculars can help you have better luck finding game at the field like deer from very far.


A lot of people think any backpack would do the job, but they’re usually mistaken. Your backpack can either make or break your hunting trip. Similar to hiking, you can’t expect to be able to travel a lot on foot, carrying some weight when you’re equipped with a bad backpack. Good hunter backpacks are lightweight, well-padded, and equipped with a waist strap.


While this may seem intuitive, but many may ignore or forget that water is one of the most essential supplies a hunter should bring with them. Water isn’t just used to keep you hydrated at all times, but to also avoid an emergency where you find yourself trapped with no sources of water anywhere near you. It’s recommended to use a water bladder to reduce space in your backpack.

Toilet Paper

This item shouldn’t really be forgotten if you’re going on a long hunting trip. It’s often overlooked, as it’s the last thing on anyone’s mind. If you forget it once, you’ll never forget it again after having to use leaves instead. It can also be used for tracking wounded deer by hanging little bits of their path for marking.

Scent killer

While we all enjoy smelling good and standing out, a hunter should always avoid having their scent identified with their game. A lot of experienced hunters use scent killing detergent to wash their clothes in addition to using sprays. The older your clothes are, the more scent they’ll naturally have.


Every hunter carries a weapon of choice for hunting their game. You’ll want to make sure that you research a lot about the terrain you’ll be in and the animal you’re hunting to be able to pick the right weapon. From guns with the best red dot scopes to compound bows, it will depend on your level of skill and the game you’re hunting.

The gear a hunter takes can make or break their hunting expedition. A lot of beginner hunters may be eager to go out there without putting much thought into their gear and end up quite disappointed. It’s important to make sure that you have everything you’d need, so you could actually focus as much as possible on hunting.