20 Essentials Every Dog Owner Must Have

Are you a new dog owner? Do you want to know what all you need to pet a dog? Dogs can be your best companions if you treat them properly. To make your dog happy, you will need some essential items. Here are the most important things you should have that will make your and your dog’s life easier.

1. Guide Book

If you are new to dogs, a guidebook can change a lot. The book can help you train your dog. You can refer to the book to become closer to the dog. The book will tell you everything about a dog. Food habits, behavioral habits, poop habits, etc., will be mentioned in the book. You can follow the routine of taking your dog out from the book. With the help of a guidebook, you will eventually become a pro at handling dogs.

2. Dog Collar

Pet dogs need a collar! Collars act as an identity of a pet dog. It would be best if you bought a collar according to your taste, but it should be comfortable for the dog. Make sure the collar is size adjustable. If your dog grows, you can adjust it to a comforting size. Check whether the collar has a sturdy D-ring to attach a leash. There are a few stores like alpine dog where you can get durable and customizable dog collars.

3. A Crate

A resting place is always necessary for everyone. With a heavy day of fun activities, your dog will need a safe place to rest. A Crate is the best option for that. If your dog is well-trained with the crate, you will not find it lying here and there. Instead, he will run to his crate and rest. A crate comes in handy when you are going for outings. It becomes easier to carry it everywhere with a crate.

4. Comfortable Bed

Is your dog sleeping with you? You can get a bed for it too. There are several different beds available in the market. Consider the size of your dog and get a bed that will be a perfect size. Add some comfortable bedding to it, and you can also have covers. These beds are very strong and long-lasting. Get these, and your dog will no longer sleep around the house.

5. Dog Body Harness and Leash

Are you concerned about your tea-active dog? First, get a harness for it. The harness is a strappy structure that is put around a dog’s body to keep them in control. Next, there is an attached leash that the pup’s parent holds. With this essential, taking your dog out for a walk or to public places won’t be much difficult. Next, get a long leash that will allow the dog to move around a bit.

6. Water Bottle

Your dog needs to be hydrated. Hence it needs water at regular intervals. You cannot serve it in a bowl if you are out for a walk or play. In hot weather conditions, water becomes necessary for them. You have to carry special water bottles for the dogs to drink. They are designed differently for the dogs to consume water whenever they want.

7. Ear Wipes

Ear Wipes are always neglected but are highly essential. Dogs’ ears are very vulnerable to infection. Many dogs are prone to ear infections. Hence cleaning their ears becomes extremely necessary. A small ear wipe can save your dog from a lot of trouble.

8. Eye Wipes

To spare your dog from itchy eyes, you can have eye wipes. These are special wipes with formulas that give itch relief. If your dog has skin irritation or infected eyes, you can easily use these. Go for aloe vera and neem variants, which will have a soothing effect.

9. Anti-Tick Powder

If you are a dog parent, then this grooming item is essential. Dogs usually get ticks and fleas in their fur. To keep them groomed and clean, you can use Anti-tick powders. These powders prevent bacteria and ticks from entering your pup’s body and keep them fresh. Get quality products and ensure it is pet approved. Apply the powder after every bath. If your dog has an itching issue, don’t hesitate to use it twice or thrice daily.

10. Paw Butter

To take care of your dog’s soft paw, you must have paw butter. This product is like a moisturizer for the paws. It has exotic ingredients and essential oils that help maintain the softness of the paw. It will prevent the paws from getting cracks and will condition them. These are usually safe to lick. You don’t have to worry about your pup licking in it.

11. Shampoo and Conditioner

To keep your dogs groomed, you need to have a set of shampoo and conditioners dedicated to your dogs. Using this will not only keep your dogs clean, but also it will make your dog’s fur shine. You can use these whenever you have a bathing day. These cones have a subtle fragrance that will not hurt your puppy’s nose. Different varieties are available in the market, and you can choose the best one for your dog.

12. Dog Brush

Dog brushes are one of the most important things you need to have if you have a dog. Different types of brushes are available in the market for different fur types. Choose a perfect brush according to your pup. Go for soft bristles that will feel good on their skin. Ensure you brush them regularly, as it leads to proper blood flow. When you brush your dog’s fur, there is less detangling, and their coat becomes soft and shiny.

13. Dog Toothpaste and a Toothbrush

Your dog’s teeth need cleaning too. Go for dog toothpaste and a brush. Brush their teeth regularly. It will prevent any oral infection and keep your dog away from oral issues.

14. Odor Eliminator Spray/Dog Deodorant/ Kennel Cleaners

It is very common for dogs to have odors. You can have an odor eliminator or a deodorant to prevent these smells. These are available in various scents and flavors. Get the one that you refer to and try it out. It will have a pleasant smell and will keep your dog fresh. You no longer have to worry about bad smells when your dog moves around your lap.

15. Poop Bags

Are you worried about your dog poops? Get some poop bags for your dogs. This is essential for your dog. These bags are in the 100s. You can use them and keep your house clean. While traveling to different places, you can carry these bags. It will make your cleaning task much easier, and you won’t see any mess.

16. Nail Clippers

Dogs’ nails get bigger regularly. Big nails irritate your dogs a lot. They don’t feel comfortable with big nails. In addition, the big nails can sometimes harm you when playing with your dog. You can not take your dog to the groomer every time only to chop the nails. Instead, get one nail clipper for your dog and start chopping its nail at home. You will initially feel nervous, but you will get used to it quickly.

17. Toys

If your dog has nothing to do all day, he will become less active or sometimes aggressive. Toys can help you in this situation. Toys will make your dogs happy and active. There are different types of toys for the dogs that you can bring for them to play with. Chew toys are mandatory as they make dogs less aggressive. Other rubber balls and toys can be companions when you are not with them to accompany.

18. A Set Dog Bowls

Bowls are necessary to feed the dogs. Dogs will consume all their food and water from the bowls. Make sure the bowls are washable, as they are always in use. You can also use temperature-control water bowls to keep the water at a constant temperature for the dog. Keep an extra bowl for safety. You can not keep your dog hungry if one of the bowls breaks or is left unwashed.

19. A Food Mat

A well-trained dog may create a mess while eating food. There is no guarantee that the food will not spill and spread everywhere. To avoid all this mess, you should buy a food mat for your dog. It will restrict the food from flowing out of the mat. Make sure the mad have high edges. Bring a mat that won’t slip on your floor. This simple mat can save a lot of the time you would have given to cleaning the floor where your dog ate.

20. Treats

Treats are the thing you need to have for your dog. Treats encourage and motivate the canines. Give them treats if they did something good or listened to you. This will give them an idea that you like what they did. If you find your dog is a bit lazy and is just lying out there giving them some treats, the chances are they will get up and show you a wiggly tail.


If you’re a Dog owner, you need to have the items mentioned earlier. To take good care of your canine, you need to invest in quality items that ensure their well-being and keep them groomed. All these products are safe to use and are meant for dog usage. Do your research and go for the best products. These essentials will make sure your dog is happy!