10 Events You Can Plan On A Yacht In Dubai

Sailing out on a yacht rental in Dubai is one of the most fun things to do in the city. This place is known for being one of the most extravagant places in the world. Therefore, you should experience this luxury when in Dubai. Moreover, many yacht rental companies provide amazing services. Further, you can rent them for various purposes. 

There are tons of things you can do on a yacht. We have listed the best things to do on a yacht. Most importantly, you can use this article to create one of the best experiences of your lifetime by using Bookyacht.io.

1. Birthday Party

Yachts are the ideal place to host birthday parties. Several yacht rentals curate the entire experience. There are many birthday packages which you can choose from. Moreover, celebrating your birthday with family and friends on a yacht is a magical experience. 

These packages are suitable for all age groups. Therefore, you can have a yacht party for your birthday irrespective of your age.  Above all, you will have a great time onboard the yacht rental in Dubai

2. Corporate Event

The top CEOs from around the world use yachts to host corporate events. You get to be in touch with all those people who make your company run. Moreover, you can even host parties for prospective investors. 

Having such elaborate yacht rentals helps you to host the corporate event of your dreams. Further, you get to host amazing corporate events that your guests will not forget for eternity. 

3. Weddings

A yacht rental is a perfect place to have a flashy wedding. Dubai is one of the most luxurious places in the world and their yachts are the same. You can host one of the most extravagant marriages while sailing on a yacht. 

Further, many yacht rental companies have wedding packages. They help you organize the marriage of your dreams and celebrate this special occasion. Above all, the idea of getting married in the crystal clear waters of Dubai is a dream for many. 

4. Fishing expeditions

You can get yacht rentals at Bookyachts.io. These rentals help you go for fishing expeditions. There are many hotspots in the water surrounding Dubai. Moreover, they have experienced captains who know these waters like the back of their hands. They will take you to the best spots for fishing in Dubai. Most importantly, you get to spend a relaxing day catching fish in one of the best yachts in Dubai. 

5. Engagements

Engagements are one of the most special occasions of a person’s life. These special occasions can be made even more special by using yacht rentals in Dubai. You can sail out in the ocean and find the perfect spot to engage with the love of your life. 

Moreover, the crew ensures that the mood on the yacht is romantic. Further, you can take suggestions from the crew to find the best places to engage or propose. 

6. New Year’s party

A new year brings new hopes and promises. Celebrating it in the Dubai marina is an unforgettable experience. Further, you will be able to sail out and see the amazing fireworks display. 

Moreover, watching the fireworks show from the ocean is much better than the land. You can part all night and enjoy the start of the new year without any regrets. Above all, you should try yacht rentals with Bookyachts.io

7. Product launches

You can launch your products on a yacht. Many companies rent out their yachts for these activities. This is the ideal place for a product launch if you have products related to the seas. 

However, a yacht party can be a good place for product launches of all types. You can talk to the companies and the crews to set up the yacht as per your preferences. 

8. Dinner parties

Sailing into the sunset for an amazing dinner sounds like the perfect use for a yacht. Yachts are ideal for casual and formal dinners. Moreover, many yacht rental companies have great chefs. 

You can use their chefs or get your own on board. Further, the crew will set up the tables with a perfect view of the sunset and help you get the best dinner on the water. 

9. Bachelor parties

Bachelor parties are great fun. There can be nothing better than celebrating your bachelor party on a yacht in Dubai. Moreover, Bookyacht.io can help you get all the amenities and services you want for the bachelor parties. Therefore, you should prepare yourself for a fun night of music, partying, and a great time in general. 

10. Marine activities

You can take out the yachts to spot some amazing marine animals. The top yacht rentals help you find the best spots for these acticties. Moreover, you can even go snorkeling and do all other sea activities. You can even do wakeboarding if you have a valid license. The crew will always take care of your needs. 


All of the top yacht rental companies such as bookyachts.io help you get the best experience. They have a trained crew that aims to please you. Moreover, you can curate some of the most amazing experiences by using their services.