Everything You Should Know about AirPods

AirPods Pro are wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones that are specifically designed to work with iPad and iPhone. Being a Bluetooth audio device you can also connect them to your smartphone or computer. AirPods have been highly demanded since they were released. There are a lot of questions that people have been asking about AirPods and in this article, you will get all the answers to those questions so let’s get started.

How do AirPods work?

If you want to use the AirPods then the first thing that you have to do is to connect your AirPods with your device and make sure that the volume level is right for you. The AirPods come with a sign which indicates left and right which is printed on the steam of each, to use them all you have to do is insert them in your ears and enjoy.

Difference between Earpods and AirPods

Many people have been confused between Earpods and AirPods but the biggest difference between original Earpods and AirPods is that the AirPods are wireless, which means that if you face a problem in keeping wired earphones onto your ear or in your pocket then you can get the best AirPods Pro from any of the nearby stores.

Another difference between them is the design. The Earpods come with a controller that gives you additional functionality and AirPods come with a white casing with two compartments also AirPods can be charged with the help of a wireless charger.

Advantages of AirPods

• AirPods are built in a way that whenever you open the lid of the box, it instantly connects to the phone which makes it user-friendly.

• One of the biggest advantages of the AirPods is that it’s wireless, wires can be annoying because the wire keeps getting stuck into each other. The AirPods are designed strongly due to which it does not fall off your ears which can be a major concern for many buyers.

• Another specification that a lot of people check in these devices is the audio quality, and if we talk about AirPods then they have superior audio quality. You can also increase or decrease the level of volume with the help of your phone.

• AirPods offer a high level of comfort because they are easy to carry and they don’t fall out until you take them out from your ear, you don’t have to untangle the AirPods whenever you want to use them just like any other earphones.

• AirPods come with a guarantee and also ensure an extended battery life of 5 hours, which means if you are someone who has to work a lot on their device you don’t have to charge them for at least five hours and you can enjoy good quality sound.


AirPods are a simple pair of wireless earbuds that come with a case and wireless charger. You can carry the AirPods in your pocket because they are really handy. You can easily get AirPods online and offline in the stores.