Everything You Need To Know About Mobile Proxies

In this day and age, almost everyone is using the internet for one thing or another. And with recent events, we have all been pressured to function as much as possible online.

Businesses went online, takeouts went online, even school went online!

As convenient and dynamic as the internet is, there are still shortcomings.

Cybercrime is becoming an increasingly serious concern for businesses. Statistics show that 62% of businesses have experienced phishing and social engineering attacks in 2018.

In the first half of 2019 alone, 4.1 billion records have been exposed because of data breaches!

Even if you’re not a business owner and you think of yourself as just an average Joe, you’re also at risk from cybercrime. Cybercriminals can use your IP address to discover your location and other important personal information.

That doesn’t sound so bad, right? Do you think you can manage it?

Well, they can use your information to take actions that they’re not supposed to take–and then pin it on you.

Simply put, cybersecurity needs to be a priority.

Let’s explore how we’re going to be able to achieve this objective.

What are Mobile Proxies?

Before we go into the details of mobile proxies, you have to understand first what we’re talking about.

First of all, mobile proxies are, as the name suggests, available on your phone. They’re like proxy servers on computers but it’s on your phone.

Think of mobile proxies as masks. You put them on when you’re browsing the internet so that people on the internet will have a harder time identifying you and tracking your digital footprints.

This becomes your protection against people who would want to acquire your data without your knowledge. It hides your mobile phone’s IP address so that they can’t trace anything back to your real IP address.

This added protection can be especially useful if you’re a person who handles sensitive data or you’re an online business owner.

How Do You Use Mobile Proxies?

Now that you know what mobile proxies are, how exactly do you use these things?

There are multiple tutorials on the internet that give you a detailed step-by-step procedure on how you can activate your mobile proxy. To give you an idea of how to use it, go to your advanced settings and edit your information there.

Once you’ve saved the changes, you’ll have to turn your mobile data off, then turn it on again.

When you access the internet, authentication will be required. This is where you will type in your username and password and voila! Your mobile proxy is set.

It’s that simple to browse the internet with a little extra protection.

Who Can Use Mobile Proxies?

If you’re using the internet and you’re wondering if you need a mobile proxy, the short answer is yes.

You’re probably thinking that since you don’t deal with any sensitive information, you don’t need a mobile proxy.

“I’m just browsing the net for casual purposes and using it for social media. I probably don’t need that.”

I hate to break it to you, buddy, but cybercriminals can use your profile and information to pose as you. It doesn’t seem like such a likely possibility since there are billions of other people out there–but you can never be too careful nowadays.

If you’re a business owner and you’re thinking of posting about your products and services, there’s even more reason for you to be protected with a mobile proxy.

Data security is important especially for you, as a business owner, because a data breach can affect not only your sensitive data but also your public image. Resolving a data breach can also be costly; therefore, investing in preventive measures is better than paying for the damages.

Mobile proxies give you that extra security because hackers won’t be able to track your real IP address and your internet footprint.

If you’re online looking for prices for services, products, or materials, a mobile proxy can help you by showing you actual prices.

When you’re looking for something online, prices may vary due to the following factors:

  • The device you’re using to look for prices.
  • Your location when you access the prices.
  • Mobile carriers.

When you’re using a mobile proxy, you are given the actual prices of the product or service without the influences of the aforementioned factors.

Why Should You Use Mobile Proxies?

Mobile proxies seem great and all but why should you spend your resources on obtaining one of them?

As was briefly covered above, mobile proxy servers are beneficial for both average internet users and business owners. So here are a few more reasons why you should use mobile proxies.

  • They can help you bypass websites that are blocked in your area.
  • They can give you access to content that is only available in a certain area.
  • They speed up your browsing and data accessing because of its good cache system.

As enticing as this sounds, we also have to acknowledge the reservations we have in using mobile proxies. Here are some of them:

1. Your mobile proxy service provider may gain access to your browser websites or any sensitive data you might have accessed.

2. A possible data leak can still happen, especially if you’re dealing with advanced hackers.

3. Sometimes blocked websites are blocked for a reason. Accessing these sites may put you in danger.

Where Can You Get a Mobile Proxy?

There are a lot of service providers out there. Finding one that best fits your needs and of course, your budget, is an important step in securing your online browsing.

Here are a few popular service providers:

1. Scrapperapi

What’s awesome about them is that their proxy locations are available worldwide! Imagine the possibilities of browsing with an IP address from any part of the world.

2. Proxy Guys

They focus mostly on US proxy locations. They offer a wide variety of features making them a very good candidate for your needs.

3. 3G Proxy

Their proxy locations cover many countries but they are currently focused on the Middle East and Asia.

4. Luminati

Their proxy locations include a wide range of countries such as the United States, Japan, Great Britain, Canada, India, Brazil, and South Korea, to name a few.

If you’re looking for a general proxy server, it should be fairly easy to find the right service provider to meet your needs.

But If you’re looking for something more advanced, such as a socks proxy for example, then you might want to have a deeper understanding of proxies before choosing a service provider.

Key Takeaway

Mobile proxies give you many advantages when browsing online.

They help you browse as if you’re in another part of the world, or help access websites that can be restricted in your area, and they can improve your browsing speed.

You can do all of these activities while keeping your identity and information anonymous and safe from those who might choose to exploit it. Using a mobile proxy is definitely an advantage you might want to consider to ensure your cyber safety.