Looking For Some Exclusive Necklaces?

Necklaces are a very important and primary piece of jewelry that women wore, are wearing, and will probably wear till the end of time, for the neck is the first point of eye contact from the opposite gender. Now there are various styles and designs of necklaces available but they will not all look good on every type of woman. 

Also, another factor to note is necklaces have to suit the occasion too, for example, you simply can’t wear a big heavy diamond necklace to the workplace. So there are many different configurations of necklaces and depending upon your preference and availability of resources necklaces are classified.

Some ultra-rare diamond necklaces are for HNIs(High Networth Individuals) customers, but for daily purposes, American Diamonds are the best choice both economically and quality-wise. African diamonds are a semi-exclusive type that can be used daily and for special occasions, but mainly the latter. 

Today I am here to tell you all about some exclusive necklace configurations which landed on our shores. If you are someone who loves an adventurous ride and is pretty confident you can make it work with pretty much any style then you have come to the right article. Today we have a few of the latest designs which not only are confidence-inspiring but are also spotlight worthy. 

Let us see them:

1. The Necklace Which The British Royal Family Wears : 

The Lapis Lazuli Necklace is made of the Lapis Lazuli rock, found primarily in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chile, Siberia, and Colorado, USA. It has a beautiful colour palette, similar to Turquoise jewelry, that ranges from blue-green to dark-blue to purple, depending upon the region it is mined. This necklace was worn by the Duchess and is also a favourite among Hollywood actresses. 

This stone goes best with gold chains and it is better to wear it with light-colored clothes for a better look since the lapis lazuli stone looks quite the bulk. If you are targeting some look for parties then find a lapis lazuli necklace that has some pearls or diamond stone in it because then you will look exclusive.

But for casual occasions don’t do that. For casuals try to find a lapis necklace that is simple and has a light gold chain.

2. The Classical Choice:

The white diamond necklace is the classical first choice of many women around the world. What makes a diamond best among the stones is its sheer quality and radiant beauty.

Unlike other colored stones, diamonds are an evolution from coal, a black mineral. They are polished and cut according to specifications needed by customers because nobody wants to buy an unpolished diamond. The glamour that you see when buying a diamond necklace comes from this polishing process, so it’s that important. 

Diamonds are available in a variety of sizes and colors (depending upon where they were mined). The South African one is crystalline white while the Australian one is pink. The higher the size of a diamond the larger its price.

If you are looking at a white diamond necklace for wedding purposes, then you would want to go with an uncut stone. Why uncut? Because uncut diamond stones have a subtle glow and there is something about their texture upon which if you take a close look you will notice its splendid beauty. 

Gold is the most sought-after chain for diamond stones, something to do with the fact that yellow gold color contrasts best with white diamond. Also, many western jewelers are now offering platinum and silver chains alongside diamonds to get you that trendy look. The ultimate choice will depend upon your skin composition, facial geometry, and other factors.

3. Shungite Necklace: 

Among The most trending necklace in the fashion industry is this one- Shungite Necklace. Shungite stone is believed to be the stone of life, as, unlike other stones, shungite was formed as a result of a meteorite crashing on Earth and is believed to have started life form over here. Shungite stone also has some healing properties. It can clear the air around you of the negative energy and can also guard you against harmful electromagnetic energy rays. 

Shungite is the only stone in the entire world that has an element called fullerenes, a crystalline form of carbon that is rich in antioxidants. Shanghai stone’s color is carbon black, so it’s best done with either sterling silver or platinum chains. Women who like to look distinguishable and noteworthy from others can try out shungite necklaces.

Regarding maintenance of your shungite necklace, wash it with lukewarm water and use a good microfiber cloth then keep it in sunlight for a few hours. It’s really easy and does not take much time.