5 Exhibition Stand Design Ideas That Work

Joining a trade exhibition is a significant investment for any company. If you are planning to participate for the first time, you need to ensure that you do it right. A successful exhibition begins with proper planning. Every aspect is equally essential. From designing the booth to deciding the type of exhibition materials you will use and the strategies you will employ in marketing your products and services all require careful consideration.

A significant portion of the planning process involves designing and creating exhibition display stands. If you want the crowd to notice your booth, consider the following ideas.

1. Designing a small exhibition stand

In a trade show, booth space is a valuable commodity. Not every company can afford to rent a large exhibit space, and you do not need to. Small booths should not be boring. Maximise the available space by making using of all sides. Take inspiration from retail stands inside big stores and make use of the same idea to design your booth. For small spaces, the following are some of the most effective marketing strategies:

  • Product demo
  • Pop up stands
  • Graphic display
  • Video display

If the organisers allow it, you can also add height to your exhibit and use vertical space for a stunning design element.

2. Life-size or realistic exhibition stands

Creating a realistic exhibition stand works best for certain types of businesses. For example, a company selling office or home furniture can use an exhibit stand to simulate how their products are intended to be used.

In this type of exhibit design, customers have the opportunity to feel and experience the products in a life-like environment. This technique is more effective than videos, photos, or brochures. Nevertheless, this is a more expensive option, and not every start-up or small business can afford it.

3. Rented exhibition stand

A cost-effective option available for first-time participants is a rented exhibition stand. You do not need to spend too much time designing and building the stand because the framework is already available. The only downside is that you cannot heavily customise a rented stand and these are typically smaller. Nonetheless, it is a perfect solution for a new company that wants the feel of using a professionally built exhibit stand.

4. Interactive exhibit stand

A new trend in trade shows today is creating interactive exhibits. This type of design gives customers a chance to linger at the display. This design is also guaranteed to be memorable and unique. Features such as ball pits and exhibits where customers can walk or explore are examples of interactive design elements.

An interactive exhibit not only attracts the attention of customers but also encourages them to share their experience on social media. It is like killing two birds with one stone because the customers are helping spread the work and market your brand.

5. Digital exhibition stands

Innovative exhibitors today make use of digital walls and panels to attract customers. If your company is on a budget, you can incorporate this design by adding a single digital screen or a small LED wall. Moving images are a striking feature that is bound to catch the attention of participants.