What Is Required For An Exhibition Stand Success?

You are preparing for an international exhibition. Some of your partners and potential clients will be there, and you even scheduled a few appointments in advance. Everything is going well – you have chosen an excellent location to place your promotional display stand. And there is something left to do… How to decorate your exhibition stand?

Your task is to prepare an exhibition booth that you simply can’t pass by! It is necessary to adhere to several rules to design this stand, because the products play a major role in creating your company image. Be sure to design everything in the same style.

You need to stand out from the crowd of similar inexpensive stands, and for this, you need to prepare seriously. Your promotional display stand should reflect the corporate identity and show the ideas you stand for.

For the exhibition to be held at a high level and the design of the stand fully justified the expense, it is worth figuring out how to prepare it. Read about it below.

What Is Required For An Exhibition Stand Success?

There are already numerous interesting ideas for decorating an exhibition booth. Here are some proven ways:

• Visitors need basic information about your company and services provided in brochures of various forms. Try to put your thoughts as succinctly as possible – it will be very inconvenient for visitors to study your offer for a long time. Highlight the main points, choose a readable font and a pleasing design so that the booklet is easy to read and inspires interest and trust. Moreover, use free magazine mockups to save time and money.

• A design trick is placing a mirror on the stand. Of course, it shouldn’t interfere with your project, but it can play a very positive role somewhere in the secondary zone. Firstly, you can check your clothes, hair, make-up while working. Secondly, the mirror will attract visitors who want to look at themselves during the exhibition as well – and your stand is right here.

• Placing a clock is optional, but it can be quite useful for visitors who have completely forgotten about the time while walking at the exhibition. The simple device can harmoniously blend into the idea of your exhibition stand, becoming both a design solution and a functional element.

• Check the quality of the visuals provided. The products displayed must be of the highest quality without a single defect. The same goes for the stand itself. Try not to overdo it with decor. Any element should have some kind of logical function and meaning in itself. The focus should be on you and your products or services, but not on the stand. It’s your background.

• Snacks are not only a great bait for visitors but a pleasant surprise for partners who have come to make multiple meetings and are likely to get very tired during the exhibition. They will surely not refuse a cup of coffee and some snacks. Moreover, keep in mind that water is obligatory at any stand. It’s needed both for the company representatives and for the visitors.

• What tells the best about the company? Employees. Your company representatives at the trade show should look neat and clean. But that is not enough. The selected outfits must match the chosen stand design and associate with the company. It’s where branded metal badges, company color scarves or ties, or other tricks can help. However, don’t overdo it.

• If it’s appropriate, a charismatic mascot can represent your stand and team. The funny talisman will become a top photo model and a favorite participant of young visitors. Such a solution will grab attention and even make your stand a star of Instagram Stories.

• All information about current promotions must be posted in a conspicuous place and, of course, updated on time. How you will do this is up to you. It’s best to prepare all materials in advance and refresh them during the exhibition. If you have a video screen, you can update the slides even using a computer during the event. And it’s your staff’s responsibility to draw visitors’ attention to the available opportunities and attract the attention of other participants.

To Sum Up

Each guest visits the exhibition with a specific purpose. However, participants devote a few seconds to almost every stand to get to know all the booths. It’s in these several seconds you should present something original and exciting to interest a potential client.

Create a unique stand, follow our advice, and then your exhibition booth will definitely have a crowd of visitors. Good luck!