Industrial Maintenance: 5 Tips to Extend the Life Expectancy of Machines

In every modern industrial production system, production machines have a life cycle in which there are periods of correct regular operation and periods when they are not operational due to countless factors.

All this determines the total or partial shutdown of production, with more or less serious losses depending on the type of installation. Thus, industrial maintenance, the set of operations necessary to maintain the industrial installation in a state of efficiency, can be divided into two distinct interventions:

– Ordinary maintenance interventions, such as repairs, renewal, and replacement of mechanical parts necessary to integrate or maintain the technological systems efficiently, and we speak of preventive maintenance.

– Extraordinary maintenance interventions: operations and modifications necessary to renew and replace even structural parts of the plants to create and integrate additional services which do not involve changes in the intended use of the industrial plant.

No matter what type of machinery is in a factory, the managers of the complex should pay a lot of attention to industrial maintenance. Indeed, heavy machinery requires regular maintenance to function properly.

And in almost all situations, the machine manual should be on hand when a problem occurs. Especially if you are in a situation where you are dealing with a complex machine like the Bosch GLM 20 Greentherm Professional Fridge-Freezer. When neglected, its production decreases and it is likely to break.

In this article, discover the following 5 tips to extend the life of your machinery. Keep reading!

1. Regularly follow up on operator training

Often, several operators work with different equipment. However, it is important to specifically assign an operator for each item of heavy machinery maintenance and to ensure that he is properly trained. Industrial machinery should always be inspected after purchase and operator training should be done at that time.

In addition, since employees are not always stable in a factory, it is important to do regular maintenance training refreshers, because neglected maintenance can lead to major breakages on the production line. To kill two birds with one stone, simply combine annual inspections with training for all operators.

2. Check and add lubricant regularly

Lubrication reduces friction between the different moving parts of machines and when done regularly, it also increases the life expectancy of the equipment. Lubrication is certainly one of the most important elements during an inspection.

In addition, regular maintenance of lubricated parts allows you to quickly see the signs of wear and perform the necessary manipulations to reverse the situation. Lubricant overflow and leaking out of the machinery are normally warning signs of a much larger problem.

3. Learn to recognize the first signs of wear

Just like liquid leaks, there are sure signs that clearly indicate wear and tear on the machinery. For example, excessive vibration, shock, high temperature, and suspicious noise are all signs of a problem with industrial equipment. As soon as you notice any signs of wear, it is crucial to make the necessary repairs.

4. Be diligent about cleaning industrial equipment

Normally, there are many protective elements to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt. In addition to checking their general condition, it is important to clean them and check their efficiency regularly. If particles get inside the machines, they can create significant problems.

5. Follow your industrial maintenance schedule meticulously

Monitoring industrial maintenance is often the most difficult facet of this task. To avoid skipping important steps, it is important to keep track of your schedule and create an effective tracking system.

In addition to regular maintenance, it is possible to include preventive maintenance measures. These elements have in particular the inspection of the various fragile parts of a machine, but also the taking of data on their performance and the regular application of suitable lubricant.

By ingeniously applying our advice in your industrial maintenance, you make sure to considerably extend the useful life expectancy of your various equipment. Remember that regular, constant, and sustainable industrial maintenance significantly reduces the risk of breakdowns, production stoppages, and sudden machine breakdowns, and minimizes long-term business costs. Relying on a carpentry company is a prudent choice that will result, economically, in the long term.