Why Do You Need Extensions for Your Hair and Which Color to Choose?

Extensions, when used right, can help you achieve any kind of look. And, as long as they match your hair color, they won’t be obviously visible either, allowing you to flaunt them as much as you want.

If you are considering getting extensions hair to improve or change up your look before a big trip, here’s why that might be an excellent idea.

What are Hair Extensions?

A lot of salons offer hair extensions. Thanks to this tool, women don’t have to worry about having shorter locks than their friends anymore. They can even use them if they are going through chemotherapy treatments, thus helping women look as good as they want to, no matter what.

Why Do You Need Them?

Whether you want to add volume to your thin hair or need to increase hair length, extensions can help. With options like clip-in hair extensions, you can also highlight or curl your hair without fearing long-term damages. They do not cause any damage to your natural hair as these extensions are mostly made from Remy Indian hair.

For better results, choose hair extensions that are thick from top to bottom, without thinning out at the edges.

Hair Extension Colors: What Are Your Options?

According to recent statistics, regions like Latin America and Africa contribute to the maximum profit from the global hair extensions market.

Some of the most popular colors are blonde, brown, black, and red. However, there are mix-and-match options to choose from, so you can pick any color to match your intended looks, including adding streaks.

You might also want to match them with your complexion or eye color to help you feel more comfortable about yourself after getting your extensions done.

How Long Does It Take to Get Hair Extensions Done? Will it Hurt?

Extensions can take one extended appointment, which could last up to three hours depending on the stylist’s process of attaching them to your head.

It does not include an initial consultation, so make you have everything scheduled beforehand if you don’t want to waste time.

Some salons do offer overnight appointments so you could get your extensions sewed on immediately after sending them pictures of what you want to be done with them. It will hurt a bit during the process, but it won’t be too bad if they apply enough numbing cream on your head before starting this procedure.

How Much Do Extensions Cost?

Extensions for hair can cost anywhere between $200 to $5,000 depending upon several factors such as quality, type, color, and even the amount of time it takes you to get them attached to your tresses.

Some salons even offer financing options, so you don’t have to worry about coming up with the money immediately.

If you want to do the extensions yourself, it will cost a lot less than going through a salon. However, since it is not a very easy process, it is advisable to seek professional assistance to apply your hair extensions.

Moreover, since hair extensions are generally expensive, having a professional apply them will ensure they serve the purpose and don’t go to waste.

The last thing you want is to end up with something very different from what you imagined would happen. It could even result in hair loss, so try to be as careful as possible if this is your first time using extensions.

Ask as many questions as you can about the type of hair extension you choose and make informed choices.

What If You Want Your Hair to Be Longer?

The best option for women who want long hair would be buying clip-in human hair extensions, which can be placed here and there whenever needed. Some even come with beads at the ends like those we see on fancy dress costumes so they can blend in more easily with the rest of your mane.

This way, women won’t have to worry about going through a painful process or paying a large sum of money to get the look they want. Clip-in extensions aren’t exactly cheap, but they’re definitely less expensive than the other options.

You can put hair extensions on anytime and anywhere that is convenient for you. If you want to go out to attend a ceremony, but it is windy outside, grab some bobby pins and attach your clips under your hat if needed instead of staying at home because you feel embarrassed by your short hair.