10 Spectacular Exterior House Painting Color

A house needs to look good. Paint is an easy solution. If you are thinking about painting your house, you’ll want to consider these color choices. They’ll brighten up your home and add lots of welcome pizzazz. Make sure you get the right tools and paint for the job. Head over to BestOfMachinery for great options – Bob Robinson writes articles and guides for newbies to the DIY world.

1. Baby Blue

Baby blue is a soft and inviting color that makes your home look great. If you have a home by the coast, this is one color you’ll want to bring in to show it off perfectly. Pair with white for a bit of very subtle contrast or add colors like dark blue and brown for a more tailored look to your home.

2. Brick Red

Brick red is an option if you want your home to stand out in a crowd. This is a strong color. It has the kind of personality you want if you’re going to have an inviting home. Use it with white and black for a classic look that stands the test of time.

3. Cheery Yellow

Yellow brings in much needed light to any space. This is a good choice for a home in the suburbs where you want to bring the outdoors inside and celebrate your love of the sunshine. It’s also an excellent option for those who want painters to bring to a townhouse in the heart of the city. Yellow has the look you want even when it gets cold outside.

4. Creamy White

White is one of those classic colors that everyone loves. Make your home yours with a touch of pretty white. Creamy white is one way to make your home’s exterior a place that blends in well with the rest of the area. You’ll want another hint of a slightly darker color to make it all work.

5. Dark Forest

Dark forest green has much to recommend it. It’s a bold color choice that tends to inspire a lot of second looks. It’s also a color that will work with your existing greenery. Use this color if you want to make your home one that works with the landscaping you’ve selected.

6. Deep Brown

Deep, rich brown is all about a color that works well with the earth. Chocolate brown lets you create a canvas that brings in a grounded feel to the entire lot. If you are looking for a color that will make your home feel earthy, go for this choice today.

7. Intense Grey

Grey is an option if you love a neutral color. Grey with lots of darker hues to it is an excellent option for those who want to amp up the drama. This is one color that says modern and contemporary. It’s also a color that brings in a sense of flair while also keeping it all together in the end.

8. Navy Blue

Navy blue makes an elegant option if you want to keep things clean and crisp. This is another choice that works very well if you live near a shore area. Add it to the body of your home. Bring in lots of details by using white to show off your exterior spaces. Navy also helps hide the dirt so your home always looks clean.

9. Soft Apricot

Apricot is a light color that has plenty of style. This is one color you can pick if you’re looking at a country home or a suburban villa. Apricot lends itself well to other colors that can be used to make it look even better. Add black and you have a look that reminds you of the Italian countryside. Dark blue is also an ideal choice for a home that says you’re in tune with the natural world.

10. Understated Grey

Sweet grey is one color that tends to recede into the background. This is a color to go with when you want a look for your home that is all about charm. It’s all about making it work in any setting. A softer shade of grey is one that will bring your home in sync with the rest of the site. That allows you to create an inviting oasis that says come relax the second you pop in the door.