Fascinating Facts About Cremation

Cremation is a burial method that involves the combustion of the body. It serves as a funeral rite for the dead. The reinforcement of the method is traced back to the start of the 19th Century. It is commonly practiced in a closed furnace at a crematorium.

In some cultures, cremation is done in open-air spaces, as a tradition. Even though it has gained popularity around the world, many misconceptions about the method are many. For this reason, it is vital to learn about cremation. This article highlights some of the fascinating facts about this burial method. They are:

1. Regulations

Cremation regulations vary with different countries. The various nations have comprehensive rules outlining the restrictions and requirements about where and when the process should take place. In some states, only a licensed funeral director can make plans for cremation.

Other countries permit private citizens to obtain the necessary death certificate and permits for transit and disposition. Before cremation, relatives and close ones identify the body to make sure it is the right one. Reputable crematories make sure you have the necessary documents permitting the procedure.

In most cases, you complete paperwork that provides the crematory with your authorization. The remains of the deceased are then handled adequately in a manner consistent with generally accepted mortuary methods and any applicable governmental agency rules and regulations.

2. Portability

Portability is one of the reasons why most people opt for cremation as a burial method. In the past, people would have to spend a significant amount of money buying vast plots of land in advance for burial purposes. People would be buried alongside their family members. The notion of setting plots for everyone in the family is becoming nostalgic.

Once the cremation is done, the remains are entirely portable. You can move them anywhere you want, at any given time. Storing the remains in memorial urns allows you to have a sense of nearness with your loved one. You can move across town, keep your new job far from home, or even take a month of vacation without getting obstructed by these activities. You can check out more funeral and cremation products at Memorials.com to know which urn you would be interested in.

We are living in a mobile society where people are moving from their homes in chase of their dreams. Tucking the remains of your loved one at the back of your car is a lot more suitable than transporting a casket.

3. Cost-Effective

Cremation is a cost-effective option since it doesn’t require a cemetery monument or a casket. The process is cheaper than a standard burial. The choice is down to several factors. Unlike in traditional burial methods where you have to buy a plot of land for a burial setting, cremation doesn’t require expensive burial costs.

You can choose to scatter the remains of your loved one at the places where you shared happy moments. It could be somewhere peaceful you can visit, that doesn’t require you to pay. With cremation, you can avoid extra costs incurred in other burial methods. This could be planning a funeral for days with the costs of preserving the body. Such expenses do not apply to cremation, thus saves you money and time.

4. Choices

Most of the families who opt for cremation go for an urn. Some choose to bury, while others keep them. Some families opt to scatter the ashes. For the choice of scattering ashes, you may need a permit from the authorities before the sprinkling. The environmental policy makers require you to travel at least three miles from public places before scattering.

Some policies prohibit urns from places like oceans. Many states also prohibit beachside scattering. Some national parks allow the scattering of ashes, with advance permits. People can opt for other choices like keeping the ashes on a pedestal and have a regular ceremony.

5. Eco-Friendly

The campaign for cremation as an eco-friendly burial method is rising. It is environmentally friendly when compared to other methods like casket burial or embalmment. This factor may be driving some of its increase in popularity. People who campaign for the safety of the environment are opting for ashes, which doesn’t require a sizable plot and sticking chemicals to the ground.

Cremation, including pet cremation, reduces the body to a biodegradable state, which is mineral ash. With the new technology, some crematoriums are introducing a new way for cremation known as the water-based or the green cremation.

The new method uses a mixture of potassium hydroxide and water in a process referred to as alkaline hydrolysis in dissolving the remains. Many people are opting for this new method of cremation as it is friendly to the environment.

Even after the cremation, you can hold a memorial service. Cremation prices vary by location and the options you choose. It is possible to make arrangements for cremation without ever entering a funeral home. You need to shop around for a reputable and affordable service to save money. Before cremation, it is also vital to consult a spiritual advisor as most religions forbid the practice.