7 Tips You Should Follow to Win a Fair Settlement in a Truck Accident Claim

Did you know that approximately 130,000 people are victims of truck accidents every year? Being involved in a truck accident can be a traumatic experience that results in severe injuries, vehicle damage, and expensive medical bills. A truck accident can turn your world upside down. Filing a truck accident claim can help compensate for the medical bills and injuries caused by the accident.

Therefore, after being hit by a semi-trailer, commercial truck, or big rig, the first step is to get the necessary medical treatment and search for the best truck accident lawyers in your area. Once you have a name, contact them, discuss your case, and follow the below-mentioned tips to improve your chances of getting a fair settlement for the truck accident claim.

Seven Best tips to get the Fair Compensation

1. Collect Evidence at the Scene of the Accident

A lesser-known fact about truck companies is that they have very loyal drivers. Thus, the driver will notify the company when the accident occurs. The truck company will send an “adjuster,” a member of their “Do Team,” to take possession of the vehicle and tow it hundreds of miles away while destroying all the evidence. As soon as you get on your feet, it is important to make a video, take pictures of the accidental site and keep it safe.

2. Get Immediate Medical Assistance

Truck accidents can cause severe injuries. Remember that your medical bills and documentation will play an integral role in helping you win the case. The trucking company’s legal counsel will ask you to provide a medical record. Thus, store every receipt, bill, and prescription to ensure that the medical cost is compensated in the claim.

3. Prove the Driver’s Negligence

Getting a fair settlement for a truck accident is nearly impossible without proving the driver’s fault. While the driver’s negligence is obvious in some cases, it can be challenging to prove in others. Hire experts to help you in proving the liability of the truck driver, trucking company, truck manufacturer, drivers of other vehicles, the mechanic who repaired the commercial truck, and government agencies responsible for maintaining the highway.

4. Show Your Injuries

Although it may seem obvious, it is essential to establish a link between your injuries and the truck accident. If you have had any pre-existing injuries, there is a high chance that the insurance company will use them to make causation arguments. In this case, it is important to have medical reports that state the extent of your injury, the recommended medical treatment for the future, and the time required for healing.

5. Demonstrate the Extent of Damage

Post-collision, everything from lost earnings and medical bills to pain is proof of the damage caused by the truck accident. While we understand that no amount of money can ever compensate for the loss of a loved one and suffering, you need to have a comprehensive report stating the extent of the damage caused by the truck accident.

6. Negotiate Confidently

When filing a truck accident settlement claim, knowing how to negotiate confidently is the key to success. No matter how persuasive the other party is, you need to remember that they were at fault and you are the victim. Your truck accident lawyer will ask you to write a statement and will advise a compensation amount according to the damages. This is a back-and-forth process, and you must have to be steadfast and stubborn to get a fair settlement.

7. If Necessary, Take Your Case to Court

Even though most personal injury claims are handled outside the court, if the trucking company isn’t cooperating, taking the case to court is an excellent way to obtain justice. Your truck accident attorney will send a message to the company to either give you a fair settlement or take the case to the courts. As a result, the trucking company will give you the desired amount to save their reputation.

The Verdict

Whether caused by the carelessness or negligence of the driver, filing a claim for the truck accident settlement is essential. However, winning the case and getting a fair settlement is not at all an easier thing. Right after the accident, the truck company will send an adjuster to evaluate the situation and use strategic tactics to make the crash your fault. Make sure to hire a reliable lawyer and follow the tips mentioned above to get compensation for the damages caused by the collision.

Image source: https://imagesource.io/images/truck-accident-claims/