Can You Fall In Love With Someone Online Without Meeting Them

With so many dating apps making it easy to meet people, internet dating is growing increasingly popular. Recently, dating apps have gotten more specialized, so you may choose a platform and be sure you’re talking to the right people. Dating apps make it easy to meet individuals from all over the country, as well as the world.

Different online dating platforms provide different experiences. For instance, you can find dating apps or websites that offer various adverts, such as Doubelist, that are centered on people who want to find a partner in their local area. With a Doublelist free subscription, you can experience what you might be looking for with personalized ads. 

But can you fall in love with someone online without meeting them in person at first? This article will address this question and provide the most critical things you need to know about finding romance online. We’ll also provide you with some dating site and app safety guidelines.

Talk with more people to know what suits you

The United States has the largest number of users in the online dating market, with a projected rate of 17.6%. If you’re lucky, the first dating site contact you make will be your soulmate. However, finding love online requires a lot of work. There are so many individuals on dating apps that it’s hard to choose who to chat with, which is usually shallow and based on looks. 

After sifting through all the people on the dating site that day, you may not find anyone you like when you talk to them. Before finding the proper individual, you may talk to and meet several people. Don’t give up on online dating, but keep in mind that you may not discover your soulmate on the first swipe.

If you both feel the same and want to meet in person

We all know someone who met someone online and got married, had kids and lived happily ever after, and this is totally feasible. You can meet your soulmate online, even though it may not be the most romantic or spontaneous approach. Online relationships are won when you find someone you like, they like you back, and you both want to meet and see where things go.

However, you always need to be careful when meeting someone for the first time. Meet in public spaces so that you know you’re safe. People aren’t always what they seem to be online.

You may never meet your online partner

Online relationships are a major issue with dating sites. Many individuals invest all their effort into getting to know someone, chatting with them all the time, confiding in them, and developing strong affection for them, only to realize they will never meet them.

You may never meet someone you’ve been talking to on a dating service for months. Some people stay in online relationships for years, which is unhealthy because it prevents them from meeting someone in person. 

Online dating moves faster

Internet dating is faster and more intense, which might be something you’re not up for. However, you may fall for someone faster online than in person. Since there’s no effort to figure out if someone is single or interested in you as in real life, things usually develop more seriously quickly. 

Instead, you both know you’re single, interested in each other, and seeking romance. Since you don’t want to waste time, talks get more intense faster and you learn a lot about each other to evaluate if you’re a good match.

You may love someone far away

Internet dating allows you to meet many people you wouldn’t ordinarily meet. Unless you use a local dating site or narrow your proximity radius, you may meet someone far away. Thus, you should prepare for a longer-distance relationship than usual. If you’re not into a long-distance relationship, you should state on your profile that you won’t do long-distance before falling for someone far away.


Catfishing is the worst part of online dating. If you haven’t seen MTV’s Catfished or know somebody who’s been catfished, you may not realize how painful it is. The person behind the screen does not look or live as you think. If someone you like doesn’t want to meet you, video call, or provide any information online, it might be a sign that you’re being catfished. 

If you avoid phony accounts and stop talking to people who don’t want to meet you, you should be alright, but you should be aware of this before you fall in love with someone you’ve never met.


Love is the most amazing sensation, and we’re confident that you deserve it all. If you’re sure you’ve found your soulmate, give the relationship a chance. But, despite the romance, if the green dot hides a romance scammer, your love story may change quickly. We hope you won’t fall for a cyber scam while sharing your deepest feelings.