10 Family Road Trip Ideas Every Kid Will Love (USA)

Spending time together is the most pleasant option for children and adults. Family vacations and traveling are the best combination for having fun: it is safe and convenient. You don’t have to follow the time frames and carry the bags in your hands all the time. While your child will be busy and happy, you will have free time to have a cup of coffee or some rest.

Make your trip as enjoyable as possible

Perhaps, a key to a successful car trip is comfortable movement. Public transport is stressful for your kids. Noise, humidity, and what is the main reason – COVID-19. Your own car is safer, and the likelihood of getting contracted is lower. Big families need more facilities; otherwise, journeys can be spoiled by negative emotions and, generally, discomfort.

What car should I rent?

A 7 seater car rental provides safety, good capacity, and space for a big company. Seats are placed in three rows, and you can remove them as you wish at any moment to increase the place for baggage. Rental 7 passenger van money-saving price policy allows you to pick up the auto from a famous brand for a reasonable charge on average $60-100 per day.

How to get a beneficial rental?

Booking is an uncomplicated process – sites usually are navigated well. However, a van rental app gives more opportunities such as tracking, comparing prices automatically, etc. A minivan rental is very functional and can be used for different missions, such as transferring goods. You can stay overnight because space is enough for it. Perhaps, now you have every reason to choose a 7 seater car rental for an excellent trip.

What places are good for children?

You can find it everywhere because the wonders of states are inexhaustible. National parks with rich natural treasures are not less attractive than amusement parks. Beautiful cities, beaches, museums, aquariums – you obviously will have a lot of places to visit. We prepared ten ideas for your consideration.

1. Seattle, Washington — Museum of Flight and Gum Wall

family road trip ideas

Let your children do one little fancy thing in the one place where they can do it – leave the chewing gum right in the Gum Wall. Although it looks unusual, such a place isn’t very clean, and you must clean your hands afterward. You can find Mars transport replicas and lectures about NASA’S research in the Museum of Flight.

2. Anaheim, California — Disneyland

family road trip ideas

Perhaps Disneyland is still a dream for all ages, especially children. Characters and views from known cartoons and films in real life affect everyone who comes here for adventures and gets them. You even have the opportunity to live in a fairy tale for several days in Disneyland Resort which includes several hotels close to the park.

3. Ocean Springs, Mississippi — Gulf Island National Seashore

family road trip ideas

Gulf Island National Seashore is suitable for your journey if you need fantastic views, white shining sand, fresh air, and generally, a calm environment. Watching the wildlife and experiencing snorkeling are exciting activities for children. Remember that you can drive around only Davis Bayou Area. Other areas are accessible only by boat.

4. Cass, West Virginia — Cass Scenic Railroad State Park

Cass Scenic Railroad State Park will surprise not only the Appalachian Mountains – great historical background and train driving around them may be exciting experiences. The lumbering town atmosphere changes the time and circumstances for one day to feel the spirit of the old days. Attend the Company Store to buy unique souvenirs and try the Soda fountain in The Last Run Restaurant.

5. Salem, Massachusetts – Witch Museum

family road trip ideas

Historical events are varied, but did you ever think witches could be a memorable part of history? You are welcome to watch the trial process using illumination and dramatic scenes. The museum preserves the big magical culture of Iceland and regularly gives original information which you can’t find elsewhere. Some objects can be really frightening.

6. Chattanooga, Tennessee — Children’s Discovery Museum

Created for kids by kids, the museum has a wide range of activities for parents and infants. This place is an inspiration for every kid, even under four years – create the watercourse together in RiverPlay’s and take the boats to start the exploration. Attend the Little Yellow House and let your babies play in the treehouse.

7. Cleveland, Ohio — Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Are you a rock ‘n’ roller friend or just a music fan? The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is an excellent option to stop and explore. Propose your children to get acquainted with this genre of music in different methods:

8. Dubuque, Iowa — National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium

National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium is quite a friendly budget variant – only $10 for the full child ticket. The remarkable history of the river and more than 100 species of animals make your child curious and busy for at least one hour.

9. Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin — Noah’s Ark Water Park

The biggest America’s water park includes over 50 rides and attractions. Besides, you can rent cabanas for a private little party near the pool. It is very comfortable to look after your children in a shaded area. Noah’s Ark offers discounts regularly for a season pass, but for the first time, you’d better book tickets online because it is cheaper.

10. West Glacier, Montana — Hidden Lake

family road trip ideas

Photo source: https://www.nps.gov/

Picnic on the shore of a lake, surrounded by high mountains, pine trees, and sometimes thick clouds. This place is also suitable for fishing and walking. Hike trail to the Hidden Lake with alpine meadows on both sides is one of the most popular places in Glacier National Park.