This Family’s Legacy? Trading with Artificial Intelligence

Trading with Tradition

Vantagepoint A.I. is a second-generation, family-owned business focused on empowering independent traders with data-driven predictive forecasts using artificial intelligence. Founded by Louis Mendelsohn in 1979, the company is now led by Lane Mendelsohn…and the third generation is already in training.

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“The beauty of VantagePoint software is that it is so easy to use and so intuitive my girls have been using it to manage their own trading accounts that we monitor together”, says Lane Mendelsohn. Lane is also working to instill the company’s core values in his daughters and preparing them to lead from passion, purpose, teamwork, communication, innovation, respect, and integrity.

Lane Mendelsohn family

Image source: Lane Mendelsohn

Giving Back to the Community

The company is also fiercely dedicated to giving back in the Tampa Bay region where Vantagepoint is headquartered. Regular portions of revenue are donated to Shriners Hospitals for Children and The Children’s Cancer Center.

This year both of Lane’s daughters took on their projects with the help of the Vantagepoint team; Rachael donated 70 backpacks filled with necessities for young people to the newly opened homeless shelter in the area and Abby donated over 300 pairs of shoes and 750 pairs of socks to the Two Good Soles project for children and teens.

Lane Mendelsohn family2

Image source: Lane Mendelsohn

Both girls love learning about the art of trading and Rachael likes to remind people in stores she owns stock in that she’s shareholder, with a giggle.

Lane Mendelsohn family3

Image source: Lane Mendelsohn

Finding Financial Freedom

One of the goals of the entire Vantagepoint team is to ensure that traders can use the patented, predictive forecasts generated by the software to create their own lasting legacy for themselves, their families, and their communities. The freedom to live life on your own terms, free from worry is one of the most useful and valuable benefits of everyone’s dedication and hard work.

VantagePoint data

Please note examples are from past data and are success stories. Trading involves financial risk and is not suitable for all investors. Past results do not guarantee future performance.

Image source: Lane Mendelsohn

Traders new to VantagePoint have six months of unlimited coaching while they learn to customize the software to their trading style. All traders have access to ongoing free training and can opt to sign up for a Live Training Room with expert traders who use VantagePoint for their own trading.

Along with a myriad of resources available free on the website, traders can explore new asset classes as well as hot, new sectors as Vantagepoint releases adds them when they can be reliably forecast at up to 87.4% proven accuracy (third-party verified.)

Because the software is so easy to use, Lane anticipates that Rachael and Abby may be coaching traders soon or start educating their friends on the art of trading.

Lane Mendelsohn family5

Image source: Lane Mendelsohn